Monday, September 29, 2008


we drove to williamstown on saturday to pick up a friend and check out the new tadao ando building, the stone hill center of the williamstown art conservation center and clark art institute. aside from some expected concrete formwork issues, it is a lovely building. the bleached cedar siding not only smelled wonderful but also created the most subtle grey-pink-lavender tones.

i bought a pair of moccasins at an 'indian trading post' on the mohawk trail (rte. 2) and two MM6 pieces at The Browns in williamstown.

oh, and we stopped by a farm to see miniature goats, donkeys, and llamas (or were they alpacas?).

will post photos of my new dress and leggings (with knee pads!) if the sun ever comes out. it's been raining and dreary for nearly a week now...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

tiptoeing toward things to come

(an utterly crummy photo. i'll post better when the sun is out and i'm less sick and cranky)

my mayle Galina jacket came yesterday, and needless to say, i'm in love. having never seen it in person, i didn't realize just how soft the herringbone fabric was. it's almost sweater-like, which is exactly what i'm craving during these early fall days. its generous shape will also work during the months to come. matthew thinks it's a little too fancy for daywear (the ruffles! the sparkles! oh my!). i think i'll debut it on friday at the ICA.

i know i said 'never again' to skinny jeans, but this pair by Martin is everything i ever wanted in a pair of denim. of course i'll have to hem them since i can't pull off a 35" inseam, but otherwise, the fit is perfect. the extra bit of stretch doesn't hurt, either. i ordered a size up, which was a good idea because 1. i can wear these low-rise jeans buttoned (for now) and 2. skintight skinny isn't really my thing, anyway.

Anne Albert Johnston's capsule collection is like a grown-up version of A.P.C. not that i'm ready to give up my Touitou-love, but there are some days when i crave really simple, really versatile pieces that are readily folded into my existing wardrobe. i love margiela, but this line is 'slightly' more affordable for impulse buys.

so much awesomeness

i was just floored by this gift from stephanie of even*cleveland. our wedding invitations incorporated the sputnik and bucky fuller dome, so it is only fitting that our latest endeavor is named 'baby sputnik.'

as a bicoastal girl, i have been so humbled by the amount of awesomeness located in the middle west: jenny, hannah, stephanie, elly, and martha.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

rachel comey chukka boot, i love you

yes, yes, i know i've lost count of my rachel comey shoe disappointments, but maybe these will be better? it's like ice cream. i know it'll hurt my stomach, but i can't ever say no. i think i'm going to buy a pair of l.l. bean boots. i wonder if they work well on icy sidewalks.

rachel comey moccasin style chukka boots, $320 at gimme shoes.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

isabel marant denim dress

well, i'm glad i bought the size 3 because it runs pretty tight in the shoulders. it's very tent-like without the belt. i think it'll look better belted at the natural waist, but for now, i don't really have a choice in the matter.

coming soon: mayle galina jacket purchased at 70% off at odessa boutique.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

mayle fall 08 review, other random shopping thoughts

(photos from

so, i didn't buy anything in nyc yesterday, except for a small present for a friend, but i did do a bit of planning and scheming...

big disappointment: mociun isn't in the stores yet, although there are pre-orders available on a few websites. i'm in love with this batik print. i can't decide whether i should get another tie-front dress or go with a different silhouette. my blue linen tie-front has a full skirt, so buying one with a tulip-skirt would be a 'little' different.

anyway. Mayle.

we went to steven alan, mayle, and bird (which, incidentally, could easily stand in for my closet. they always have such a solid range of casual to fancy-schmancy, i wish boston had it so good).

i wasn't originally sold on this collection, but going to the shop on elizabeth st. and trying on a few things has made me a believer. plus, watching other girls try on pieces that wouldn't work on me has made me even more sad that the shop/label is closing.

the Kaiya top was one of my top picks, but after seeing the color in person, i realized that i don't own enough black to pull it off.

i would not buy the Jeanne sweater dress because i'm too curvy for it, but a tall model type tried it on in the shop and looked amazing in it. i wish i had a close-up photo because it is knitted in such a way that it appears to be a jumper + shirt.

there were three girls trying on this top, so i didn't get a chance to try it on myself. i definitely like it better with the collar unbuttoned, and the graffiti-esque black outlining keeps the print from becoming overly precious.

(images from

the Eniko dress also comes in the pink/multi-colored fabric, but i liked the contrast in the ivory version. i tried a size 6, which fit perfectly. this collection seems to fit truer-to-size than in the past.

(images from

i would have bought the Mariko top except, well, i'm belatedly in the process of coming up with a budget. plus, it's $475. the size 6 that i tried on in black+white was the last one at mayle. they had already sold out of the rose version. eluxury and impulse are both carrying the top, so i'm going to wait for the sales. of all the fabrics, this one impressed me the most with its subtle texture and sheen.

it seemed like the shop was selling out quickly. while i was there, two girls purchased something, and there were three other girls trying things on. usually when i go it's much much quieter. although i can't wait to see the resort/holiday collection, i've yet to decide whether i'll buy anything full price.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

painting, off to nyc for the day

the bedroom is finished, but some of the old ceiling paint came off with the blue tape. this apartment was poorly painted when we moved here, so i'm not surprised. i love the shade of grey we picked, it makes our furniture look so much nicer.

driving to nyc/brooklyn in about 5 minutes. after 4 years of the chinatown bus, and a lack of friends to stay with in the city, we've decided to drive. hopefully i'll make it to erie basin. oh, and maybe i'll be able to take photos in the mayle dressing room.

to do list:
mociun dresses
mayle everything
muji notebooks

belt + dress

marnie skillings
wool dress from stel's.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

isabel marant dress

does anyone have this isabel marant dress? i found a size 3 on ebay, but i'm not sure whether it runs large or small (i'm usually a 2). i nearly bought it at impulse's winter sale, but matthew thought it was too 'oregon hippie'. i went with a different isabel marant dress that i don't really love after all, so of course i've been keeping an eye out for this one.

UPDATE: i won it!! crossing my fingers, let's hope it fits. i've been super busy getting ready for teaching, but i'll post photos when the dress arrives. plus, i have a new skirt from martha of uniform studio that needs debuting.

back from california

it's beyond my budget, but boy how i love comme des garcons' Play cardigan!
$360 at impulse