Friday, August 31, 2007

hannah clark secrets necklace

went to nyc again yesterday with matthew and bought myself a necklace at hannah clark's shop and studio in the east village. when worn, the two hands clasp, concealing an embedded piece of bone. i love the length of the necklace and the way the two hands dangle. hannah was very approachable and friendly. her shop is tiny and filled with beautiful jewelry, ashley watson handbags (discovered via lena corwin), drawings, vintage watches, and a dog with the most adorable underbite.

these lion earrings are so sweet. they remind me of something henri rousseau would paint.

if i could redo my wedding set, i would have it done in this setting in rose gold with a matching band. i love the twig-like texture of the metal. considering how much work goes into these pieces, i was surprised by how reasonable her prices were.

a set of custom wedding bands.


Monday, August 27, 2007

patent leather

i'm not a huge fan of patent leather. true, i'm not a huge fan of leather in general, but i think it wears beautifully and well for footwear. i can understand the appeal of high-gloss brand-new looking patent leather, but i know i'd ruin it with smudge marks, creases and other horrors. plus, i can't shake the feeling that patent leather is for small children, no matter how expensive and well-exectued it is. in the end, i think simple is best when it comes to objects of everyday use. if someone gave me $700, i would definitely buy these Loeffler Randall boots in cuoio. they would look fantastic after a few seasons of wear.

Loeffler Randall Matilde boot, black patent leather, $695 (Singer 22)

Loeffler Randall Matilde boot, Cuoio, $695 (Singer 22)
Kate Spade, Lacey moccasin, green patent leather, $195 (Kate Spade)

Christian Louboutin Peanut patent wedges, $625 (Net-A-Porter)

Friday, August 24, 2007

Thursday, August 23, 2007

foldover boots and other shoes

every fall it's the same old story.
it's nigh impossible to buy good quality, sleek, comfortable boots for under $600. i've never bought a pair of jcrew boots, and campers aren't for everyone, so is our only option to wait until winter sales?
anyway, i found some for under $500. i was primarily struck by the greyish brown color. i haven't seen that many boots online yet, so maybe there's still hope.

Devotte Andrea Flat Boot, smoke (also comes in black), $488 Shopbop
the back detail seems a bit strange. a bit victorian, i guess.

Belle by Sigerson Morrison flat fold over boots in elefant (also in black), $490 from Bird.
didn't they do this exact boot last year? is it good that it can fold over? i dunno.

Devotte scalloped wedge sandals, $139 from $280 at Bird. they only have one pair left in what i think is my size 38.5 (is that an 8? or an 8.5? i'm so confused). i don't really need them, i know.

the little room that could

just a little over 70 sq. ft., facing a lightwell with a closet that is 12 sq. ft., this room needed a lot of help. my previous roommate placed a queen size mattress on a box spring (no frame) that nearly blocked the closet and made the room slightly hellish. now that i've had a summer to tinker, it seems a japanese appreciation for small spaces is needed to make the room inhabitable. my new roommate is arriving tomorrow, and i think we'll pick out some bookshelves and a nightstand together. i also bought picture shelves from ikea so she can display photos and prints (she's writing a dissertation on max beckmann). honestly, there's not much i can do with the room. there are babies directly above and below, and it faces the bathroom. hopefully this will be our last roommate. some days i feel cranky and think i should add to the baby love-fest. can't you imagine three babies screaming their heads off into a single lightwell?

needs v. wants

that's it.

i'm going to nyc this weekend. i'll be hitting the usual suspects: lyell, mayle, maria cornejo, opening ceremony, steven alan, and a.p.c. i also want to check out hannah clark's studio.

i'm not sure i'll be there for longer than a day (chinatown bus), so time will be limited. as usual, i'm sacrificing art museums for window shopping. if only my adviser could see me, he would have a cantankerous fit.

i'd also like to check out more design-y shops (stationary, objects, toys, jewelry, etc), but i don't know where to start. plus, i feel like there are so many things i've yet to see in brooklyn, but i'm not very familiar with the area. i hope i don't spend too much money, but i'm in a major rut. i need to be in nyc, and spending money seems to come with the territory.

tunic purchased in ho chi minh city--$15 (outrageously expensive!)
ubiquitous jcrew white corduroy shorts (i'm starting to bore myself)

Monday, August 20, 2007

ci vediamo!

quick ebay note: there is an a.p.c. lightweight wool toggle coat for sale, sz. 38, $185
update: SOLD

tom scott square sweater

tom scott cotton cashmere square sweater, $270 from $450 at stel's, boston.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

before the denim sea change

remember when there were only a few denim options?
jordache. lee. gloria vanderbilt. guess. levi's.

i bought this pair freshman year of college for $3 at a secondhand shop in a faded mini strip mall. that wasn't very long ago, i know, but for most of my life i only wore levi's from sears. as a baby, osh kosh overalls. i had a single pair of acid wash guess jeans with zippered ankle openings, which were unbelievably uncomfortable. my husband wore these levi's for a year or two, ripped the knee open, and then they were forgotten. since then, i've graduated from levi's to the gap and lucky brand, and then seven for all mankind, built by wendy, farmer industry, habitual, a.p.c., and now earnest sewn. i have this vision in my head of the ideal dungarees. i've been watching old jacques cousteau programs, and i love the long, rangy look of everyone in their circa 70s jeans. medium rise, tight on top, wider on bottom, structured yet slouchy, insouciant. i'm not exactly built like a boy, so boy jeans will never hang just so. does anyone know of a denim designer who can do this? the earnest sewn keatons come close, but i'm still looking for the perfect pair.

cats at night

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

wedding post

letterpress stationary, friend of a friend, shelley (
vera wang silk organza dress, Vows (
brideshead revisited french veiling with detachable flower (
flowers, twig, south end (
reception, upstairs on the square, harvard square (
digital photography, matthew's friend, kristen truax, seattle (