Monday, October 24, 2011

color therapy

Untitled, originally uploaded by julia / rennes.

 it isn't so much the gray but the rain that's getting me down. i actually love overcast skies and the occasional drizzle (my year in seattle was by far my favorite).  the light gray cover really makes other colors pop.

so i was happy to see these peachy-pink leather pouches on julia's blog. i have one of her striped totes, and her attention to detail never fails to inspire me. paired with the taupe, steel blue, black, and gold, this particular pink looks especially autumnal to my color-starved eyes right now.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

lovelies at anaise

aside from the fact that renee's blog is a source of inspiration, her shop anaise is a perfectly curated collection of nearly everything i could desire without feeling overwhelmed.

i don't wear heels, but the a detacher huxley buckle clogs are fun to look at anyway. i ordered these more practical clogs after seeing them on stephanie's svpply. they have yet to arrive, but hopefully they'll fit.

it's finally cold enough in toronto for knit tights. i've been wearing the same pair of kunerts for the past 10 years (the most comfortable waistband i have ever found), but a pair of alpaca tights sounds heavenly. 

i'm slightly regretting my mociun wrap linen dress. it's a bit too tight in the shoulders and isn't really working as a maternity dress. i should probably just keep it because the print is awesome, and it's from the last collection. i'm still kicking myself for not having bought more of her men's tees because matthew lives in them. i probably would have been better off with a mociun blouse, but i can't have everything.

Monday, October 03, 2011

moving day

finally, a place we can actually make into a home. it is such a relief to be out of an apartment where everything is falling apart and filthy. it's nice to no longer have 13 people living above and below you in a rickety house where every floorboard creaks and band practice lasts until 5 am. i can't believe how big this place is, we've never had so much space before.

now if only i could find a good hairdresser, tailor, cobbler, and facialist. any recommendations?