Thursday, January 31, 2008

mociun spring 2008

the look book is still nowhere to be found, but beklina now has a few pieces available.

i haven't been able to find many photos of caitlin mociun's new collection online. the top image is from Sotto Boutique. there are a few more photos on their site. i found this dress on Last Waltz's shop blog.

i found this quote regarding the new collection: "For my spring 2008 collection, I'll be using the art of Kiki Smith, Bauhaus textiles and color exercise paintings, and late 18th-century nightgowns as inspiration."

i'm really excited by the new shapes and cuts. i hope the look book is available online soon, as i have been waiting impatiently for this collection since november.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


sleepyhead at a party

taken by steve, jan. 20, 2008, at the diesel/bloc holiday party

i don't know why, but lately i look either miserable or sleepy in photos.

biking v. walking

it may have been 20 degrees today, but that didn't stop me from wearing a short skirt. i wish my long cardigan was more like jenny's, but oh well, it's best to make do with what you have. i didn't consciously intend to wear purple tights with a purple coat, but goodness, that's a lot of purple! anyway, there's nothing better than riding my bike to work. 6 minutes on the bike versus 15 minutes by foot? hm.

what i wore today:
jcrew liberty print shirt
theory merino wool cardigan
theory denim miniskirt
falke tights
lyell peacoat
frye paige riding boots

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Monday, January 21, 2008

library of congress and flickr

arrest of a suffragette c.1910-15

Melrose, Louisiana. June, 1940

Meacham Field, Fort Worth, Texas. Jan., 1942

Malaria poster in hotel, San Juan, Puerto Rico. Dec., 1941

The Library of Congress has apparently joined Flickr. They also have a blog. (thanks David)

Saturday, January 19, 2008


we're off to southern new hampshire and mt. monadnock
have a happy martin luther king, jr.'s day weekend!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

steven alan shirts

somehow i missed the new steven alan website. oh how i love his shirts, especially the plaids. i would wear them every single day if i could.

ruffle shirt, now $95

silk reverse seam shirt, now $138

gathered shirt, now $109

but what i really want is this gathered silk shirt dress
available at rare chic for $138 (additional 20% with 'toutie')

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

stephanie congdon barnes: love notes

"periodic mini-collections based on a theme"
available jan. 22

some things aren't meant to be

i bought matthew this mociun striped t-shirt first, but i liked it so much, i wanted one for myself.
but now i'm feeling a bit silly. people already make fun of us for dressing in similar outfits.
is anyone interested in taking this off my hands? originally $84, asking price $58. size small (loose fit). SOLD!

sigh. this one makes me particularly sad. i've coveted these rachel comey clog heels all season.
but honestly? the other day i nearly twisted my ankle in my dankso maryjanes (1" heel).
there's no way i can ever learn to walk in 3" heels. plus, matthew kind of, sort of, hates them.
originally $250, asking price $170. size 38 (runs slightly large to true-to-size).

i bought both these items on sale and only want to make back what i spent. the mociun tee is from impulse and is non-returnable. the rachel comeys can be returned to raye in houston, but only for store credit.

if you have something that you know i might like (crafts-related items), i would be willing to consider a much reduced monetary amount plus that something else.

worse case scenario, i keep the shirt and return the shoes.

update:::the shoes went back to houston.

Monday, January 14, 2008

a proper mail day

5-year diary by tamara shopsin
(via lena)

isabel marant jabar dress from Impulse

mociun striped tee from Impulse

dachsund by sian keegan
(thanks for the scallion!)

i ordered a bunch of things last week, and they all arrived today. my birthday isn't until saturday, but it's always nice to receive things in the mail (even if they're presents to yourself!).

i have one more thing arriving soon. renee has them, and jenny was equally smitten.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

too many coats

dace rain jacket (spring 07)

paul and joe raincoat (spring 02)

burberry trench (fall 07)

built by wendy (fall 03)

marni twill hummingbirds coat (fall 02)

martin grant smock coat (spring 05)

anna molinari twill peacoat (fall 02)

edward an herringbone coat with detachable tulle skirt (fall 04)

opening ceremony short-sleeved flare coat (fall 06)

lyell peacoat (fall 06)