Wednesday, July 24, 2013

wear now, wear later

Having just weeded out almost half of my clothing, I'm keeping an eye out for simple pieces for the fall.

new apartment / downsizing

We just spent the past week moving to an apartment two blocks away from our old place. It was important for us to stay in the neighborhood, and after four frustrating weeks of pounding the pavement and submitting countless applications, we finally found something. It's quite a bit smaller (590 sq. ft. versus 1100 sq. ft.), and the storage isn't so great, but we're only staying here for a year. One thing we're trying hard to do is economize since my employment is in flux. Housing is our largest expense, it far exceeds the recommended amount. Toronto, like Boston, is an expensive city, but we're trying to be creative and practical about making this apartment work. The hardest part is the lack of closets. Even with the purchase of two wardrobes, I had to throw out or donate so many pretty things that I don't wear. Sometimes you have to be ruthless and let go of the person you think you are or used to be.

So long, spacious living room.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Summer shirtdresses

Steven Alan Genevieve Shirtdress

I have such a fondness for sleeveless shirtdresses. Here's another one by Steven Alan, this time with a narrower skirt. All I need is this dress, my Saltwaters, and a new prescription for my sunglasses.

It's been boring J.Crew for me these days. There's something about summer where I wilt and give in to 3" chino shorts and short-sleeve button up shirts.

Three more at Myth + Symbol that I would happily add to my collection
Ilana Kohn Ladder Eibel Dress
Dusen Dusen Curves Collared Dress
Steven Alan Eloise Dress

Thursday, July 11, 2013

what i've been doing

the Ballast book bag by Book/Shop

i spent four weeks looking for an apartment. 

it rained and rained. our laneway turned into a river.

we're moving in nine days.

i'm going to see this man in two weeks.

aside from that, i've been keeping to myself these days. i've been finding it slow-going climbing out of this well i'm in.