Friday, July 20, 2012

and we're off!

super bright shorts from jcrew=traffic cone visibility

elias's awesome bloomers made by julia
well, i think everything is packed and ready except for leon's toys. whenever i pack for a long trip i start to question my clothing purchases. but at the end of the day, it's still important to have a collection of fancy things, even if i haven't worn most of them in over three years. or so i keep telling myself!

*oh, and i highly recommend dry-cleaning ilana's silk clothing. i made the mistake of hand-washing. nothing disastrous, but let's just say the top is no longer in pristine condition. it may just be an issue with the green print. i'm still going to wear the top at every opportunity, but this was a good lesson in why sometimes 'dry clean only' means just that!*

most days are tough but good. these two guys are starting to look a lot more like brothers to me. one thing i know is true: when leon is near, elias only has eyes for him.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

right back where i started from

photos of corona del mar from 2007, a million years ago

this saturday leon, elias, and i are going back to southern california for the rest of summer (FIVE whole weeks!). i'm hoping to make it up to the bay area to visit a few friends and do a little research, as well as finish an article and a book proposal. there are so many places i want to see in LA, but it gets harder and harder to make the trip from south orange county with two squirmy littles. somehow we always end up riding the carousel at south coast plaza or going to disneyland instead of exploring the city.

i've flown with leon, but this will be my first time alone with two children. if i'm lucky i'll be able to go to myrtle, mohawk general store, steven alan, and what else??

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ilana Kohn Daryl shirt

Just received my Daryl shirt, and I'm in love! I wanted the dress, but I figured I would get more use out of a top. It doesn't disappoint. The silk is amazing on a 90+ day, and it's beautifully made. I though it might be too boxy, but it drapes nicely and the longer back helps even things out. Michelle from pretty mommy was as helpful as always in my decision making. I plan on wearing it all summer with cutoffs and then tucked into skirts and highwaisted pants this fall.

By the way, I'm on instagram far more frequently than here these days. If you don't mind endless photos of babies, head on over!

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

happy fourth of july!

margaret howell naval top

apc catalonian dress

apc beach blue dress

creatures of comfort sale. half off.

it just isn't the same when you aren't living in america, but i think we'll have hot dogs for dinner tonight to celebrate.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

pretty mommy shop sale

michelle can correct me if i'm mistaken, but it looks like the 25% coupon code (STRIPES til sunday) on orders over $200 applies to all designers including ermie and ilana kohn at pretty mommy.

Monday, July 02, 2012

the perfect summer dress {ilana kohn}

i was at robber on saturday (happy canada day!) and was finally able to try on ilana's abby dress in the green leaf print. i was hesitant about the color and fit and thought maybe i would like the magenta rose print, but reds are tricky for me. it just didn't work with my playground tan. anyway, i seem to be on a brights kick because i instantly fell in love with the the leaf print is pretty amazing. if you're on the fence about this dress, i say go for it! the crepe de chine is light as air yet doesn't feel flimsy. my favorite thing about the dress is how it drapes and flutters when you walk. perfect for catching a breeze. if i had any casual weddings to go to this summer, i would love wearing this dress. as for the fit, the medium fit me perfectly, but i would want to go with a large for a slouchier look. i'm still about ten pounds from my pre-pregnancy self, so maybe i would be better off with a medium in the long run. it's hard to say when i'll be back in my old clothes, so for now i'm in a holding pattern when it comes to shopping. but i can't help but add my enthusiasm for ilana's clothing, especially now that i've seen the abby dress in person!