Sunday, January 31, 2010

domahoka--steven alan boyfriend shirt

extra 25% off at domahoka ("yourule")

i love the steven alan boyfriend shirt. i picked up a striped version in nyc last month. it definitely runs large, a small fits me with room to spare.

now $54 in a small and a medium.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


why yes, my hair is naturally wavy, although the haircut does a lot to bring out the curl. i agree that i'll probably like my short hair more in a month or two once it settles in and grows out a little. i wanted to wait a year after having leon to cut my hair off, and i'm glad i did. however, as jenny gordy mentioned, it's strange to have short hair again after nearly 6 years. it's a bit like time travel, it was a shock to my system to look in the mirror and see me circa 2004 (so much has changed). at least my current stylist is very good at cuts that grow out gracefully. i probably won't bother doing anything for the next 6 months. come summertime, i'll be back to my old ways--ponytail, bun, braids.

now, on to the denim question. thanks for all the suggestions, you've given me a solid list of brands to try over the next week or so.

this is my list so far:
J Brand
James (Twiggy)
Sass and Bide
Acne (Hex)
Earnest Sewn (Harlan)
APC (New Cure and Petit Standard)

i actually adore the Current Elliott legging jeans, but they are super lightweight for winter wear. the C/E skinny jeans don't really flatter my back side, sadly. i haven't tried on a pair of denim from Levi's or the Gap in ages, so they might be worth checking while at the mall.

i'll keep everyone posted with photos and reviews from the trenches next week. my r13s stretch out so much, they look like jodhpurs! i spent $160 on them, and would like to spend no more than that on the next pair. wish me luck. for some reason, there's nothing more demoralizing and exhausting than shopping for jeans...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

hair...short or long?

well, my haircut didn't exactly turn out like my inspiration photo. in fact, it's startlingly similar to a haircut i had 6 years ago (making it dated in my eyes). i spent a few days hiding and periodically crying out, 'what have i done?!?' but i think i'm getting over the shock of losing over 10 inches. it'll grow out, like it always does, and maybe this is a sign that i should get a new stylist. i can never decide whether i want short or long hair except right after a drastic cut. so, hopefully this time next year it'll be well past my shoulders (it grows very very quickly).

on another note, can anyone recommend a good pair of skinny (but not too skinny) jeans that don't stretch out after two wears? i'm wearing my new pair of R13s from Barneys Coop, and they bag out terribly in the seat. jcrew's toothpick and matchstick jeans both fit awkwardly on me, especially right above the knee. i used to wear earnest sewn keatons, so maybe harlan would be a good fit. acne might work, too. i like my martin straight legs, but they're too lowcut. i need something closer to an 8 inch rise.

any thoughts about this never ending dilemma?

i am considering this DR K SH D W pair but am unsure about sizing. i definitely prefer a slightly faded black wash.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

totokaelo-50% off sale

that rounded collar...
apc coat, size 40, now $250

apc wedges, sizes 38 and 39, now $195

my dream parka...
united bamboo fishtail parka, size 6, now $672

mociun moonwalker skirt, size medium, now $156

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

friends and birthdays

flowers from margaret

my favorite scents from stephanie

matthew has his thesis review this afternoon, so we're going to celebrate both good things tonight! leon and i are now off to a playgroup in spite of the snow.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


i donated to doctors without borders. my school put together an extensive list of charities here.

short hair inspiration

photo by garance dore.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

birthday wish list

for next tuesday....

mociun moonwalker skirt

jess brown + wovenplay rag doll

verre initial necklace in glass

repetto zizis in dark grey

makie wool cardigan

a haircut

Monday, January 11, 2010

penelope's sale

sven shearling clog boot, $288, 37, 38, 39, 40. go up one full size. sven makes the no. 6 boots, also. this version is 11" versus the 15" no. 6, and it looks like the shaft is a little wider. i'm saving up for a pair of the no. 6 because i prefer the narrower shaft and the aviator brown color.

a.p.c. black knitted mini, $98, xs-l. i wore this skirt throughout my pregnancy last year. it was so comfortable and warm. fits true to size, even a little big. i wore a small because it's so stretchy.

Friday, January 08, 2010

the little details

antipast dress on sale at worthwhile.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

domahoka sale

correll correll grey color wheel tee, $46, xs and s
steven alan soma dress, $132, xs and m (runs true to size to slightly small, better suited for fuller busts).
a.p.c. knit coat, $168, s (substantial knit, soft lining, perfect for spring and autumn as outerwear).

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

knowing when to walk away

i found this jeffrey monteiro peacoat for $400 at the LouisBoston sale. it was nice, but it wasn't amazing. maybe i needed a 6 instead of a 4, but it just didn't look as good as i thought it would. the fabric was so soft, especially the lining, but i decided to walk away from it.

the hardest thing about shopping is knowing when to abstain. buying simply for the sake of possession is something i no longer want to do. i have a pair of loeffler randall boots that are languishing in my closet, too precious to 'ruin' with wear, too coveted to sell. it's a hard distinction to make, knowing which pieces belong in your 'collection.' some things, like my marni hummingbird coat, are only worn once a year, but my wardrobe would be incomplete without them. other things, well, i'm learning to admire from afar....

Saturday, January 02, 2010

ironing in the new year

i never thought i would spend the last week of 2009 laundering new sheets and towels. the sheets took over 2 hours to iron; i found it to be as meditative activity as jogging. and the results were so very worth the effort. perhaps 2010 will be the year when i finally get my house in order. although, there's a good chance we may be moving. to somewhere exciting, i hope.

i'll be 30 in 17 days, leon will be 1 at the end of february.

may this new year and decade be a happy and healthy one for everyone!