Friday, May 16, 2014

Cropped tops

Samuji Hylje Top
I started teaching again, and this time it requires a 3+ hour round-trip commute. I've also been trying to be more social. When your life is in a holding pattern, it's easy to fall into the habit of self-denial....Why make plans to see friends or buy new furniture if you don't know where you're going to be in 6 months? Why buy frivolous things like clothes or books if you don't know what your income will be next year?

But there comes a point, usually when the sun is shining and the cherry trees are blooming, when you shake off the fear and anxiety and say hey, stranger, it's time I came and visited you! And maybe a new top will give you a much-needed boost of self-appreciation.

So the other day I went on a walk to Yorkville instead of putting together lecture slides. I ended up buying a silk buttondown top from Aritzia, which is a place that usually gives me a headache. It's black with off-white polkadots and a tiny collar. I was wearing my Ilana Kohn Darryl top and thinking I'd like to try something different. So I bought a cropped top (same cut as this one) that seems like it will work well during the hot summer months. Zara had quite a few nice looking tops, but they were all polyester. Now I need to find a few high-waist skirts and pants. I'm thinking mid-length skirts that are flowy but not flouncy or poufy.

Next week we're going to Montreal for 3 days, and the week after that I'll be in NYC for 4 days to catch up with friends.
Speaking of cropped tops, this one by Julia is pretty much perfect. I should be practical and get it in black, but there's something so appealing about the silvery version.

Friday, May 02, 2014

Imogene + Willie sale

Imogene+Willie is having a sale on black and slate colored denim. I'm going to order the Imogenes in Slate since they're only $50 and there's free shipping today. I've never tried them on, so I'm a little iffy on sizing. I'm usually a 26 or 27 depending on the cut. I think I've reached a point in my life where a higher rise is more comfortable, so hopefully the Imogenes will do the trick. Eventually I'd like a pair in indigo and maybe black. Right now my denim pile consists of a pair of Anthropologie Pilcros (26), which have a higher rise but the leg twists around, Current-Elliott boyfriends for weekends (25), accidentally pink-stained Surface to Air boyfriends in a light wash (27), and navy AG skinnies that are too low waisted (26). Based on Imogene+Willie's sizing guide, it looks like a 26 should fit. I'm having them sent to CA, so it will be awhile before they arrive.