Monday, February 22, 2010

leon is one


my imp is one today.

we're going to celebrate with a cupcake today, and then a last-minute trip on thursday to see the grandparents in california and have a proper dol.

Friday, February 19, 2010

gap chambray drop-waist dress


jcrew striped cardigan
humanoid pullover
saltwater sandals (i really want another pair in yellow, or maybe navy).
the dress is surprisingly nice, especially since i bought it on sale for $35. i went with the medium because the small was tight around the hips when i had both hands in the pockets. but really, i would say the dress fits true to size. 

it isn't much on its own, especially with the sleeves unrolled. it's definitely a good dress for layering, and my favorite look is with the humanoid pullover sweater. i was worried the no. 6 boots would look clunky without tights or jeans, but i think with a lighter color pair of socks, it'll be ok. and i cannot wait to wear sandals. after a soggy snowstorm on tuesday, the temperature has been in the low 40s. so nice!

lark has a similar dress by malene birger. i was thinking about a belt, too, and oxfords if i ever end up finding a pair.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

apiece apart kimono dress


i've been pretty intrigued by apiece apart since i saw their fall collection on unruly things. the spring 2010 lookbook left me ambivalent. apparently this had more to do with the styling and the tall model because i love this olive kimono wrap dress on frances may's model ($390, includes belt). the back pleats are gorgeous, and it seems like green in all its shades is going to be everywhere this spring. 

i'll try to take photos of the gap chambray dress tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

holding down the fort

leon and matthew both have a nasty stomach bug, so i've been left to keep the house tidy and everyone well hydrated. will post two new things tomorrow, a gap chambray shirt dress that i'm on the fence about, and an isabel marant etoile silk sleeveless top that is pure spring.

in the meantime, here's a post i did for pretty mommy's series, everyday obsessions.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

mociun spring 2010

this new mociun print (via jenny)

reminds me of richard diebenkorn's ocean park series.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

time for my escape

i have a hard time looking at fashion week photographs, mainly because i can't even plan more than one month into the future, let alone imagine clothing that may not even make it to production eight months from now (oh, the disappointment!). so it's only been in the past few weeks that i've managed to shake off the winter blues and start planning spring outfits.

the makie striped top should be a wardrobe staple. other favorites include saint james and a.p.c.

and a simple pair of brown flat sandals for my feet, which desperately want to be liberated from socks and tights.

i missed out on steven alan's sullivan dress last fall, but seeing the spring versions makes me determined to get one this time.

and the one thing i learned last fall was i could walk in shoes with a bit of height. the pale green of no. 6's Three-Strap clog sandal may just do the trick this spring.

if i were a boy, i would stock up on gitman vintage button-down shirts. i bought matthew an oxford from stel's last winter, and it fit him beautifully.

Monday, February 08, 2010

skinny jean hunt. pt. 2

on thursday leon and i went to barneys at copley plaza. i was shocked to find that they do not carry any acne. stels no longer carries it, either, so it looks like i won't be able to try on the hexs any time soon.

j brand, the skinny, 10" leg opening, size 27, on sale for $109 in dark grey (from $178).
i thought this was a perfectly fine skinny jean. maybe it was the lighter shade, but somehow it made me feel like my legs were stumpier than usual. the inseam is a bit long, so i would definitely have to hem them, but overall they're unobjectionable. i did find the waistband cut in a little, but nothing too uncomfortable. there's probably a reason why half of barney's denim bar is devoted to this jean, but i wasn't convinced.

james jeans, twiggy, size 26, $114 in black cat.
this jean was well worth finding in a smaller size. last time i tried it on in a 29, and it turns out i'm a 26 in these (go down one size). i love how these feel, very stretchy, soft, and comfortable. the waistband fit perfectly, and i really liked the shorter inseam (29"). i would have bought these except i didn't care for the wash. the visible white threads felt too messy for me. i prefer an overall faded soft black wash like my R13s or the Current/Elliott skinny jeans. i definitely recommend these if you want a pair of skinny jeans that are as comfortable as leggings, but with more substance.

i think we're going to go back to natick this week and try on a pair of levis. 


lyell kresse jacket
R13 jeans
no. 6 buckle boots

i'm not really a jacket/blazer kind of person, but my lyell kresse jacket is so soft and snuggly that it's as good as my favorite cardigan. plus, the lining is gorgeous.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

tom scott cardigan...spring forward

this cardigan is made for movement. the color looks forward to spring while simultaneously shaking the winter blues away.

other favorite tom scott pieces here, here, and here. (those old impulse/totokaelo blog photos make me wish i could find more pre-2008 images)

jenny gordy will be guest blogging for lucky next week (february 8-12). and look, she mentioned my blog! 

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

sale at stels

photo from domahoka

i was at stels today and saw this apc cardigan for $126, size medium. they have a web shop, but the cardigan is not available online. i wanted to buy it, but chose a cardigan by tom scott instead. will post photos tomorrow.

Monday, February 01, 2010

skinny jean hunt. pt. 1

leon and i went to the natick mall with a friend to try on skinny jeans. i bought a pair, but now i'm second guessing myself. fie, skinny jeans!

n.b. you'll have to excuse the terrible dressing room photos. i haven't quite gotten the hang of it. poor leon was very very patient. also, i've realized that these jeans look pretty much identical in my photographs, and yet they seemed to be very different in real life.

first stop: anthropologie

james jeans, twiggy denim legging, $114, black cat wash. size 29.
i tried these on in a 29, the only size they had. loved how stretchy they were, but still substantial unlike most denim leggings. probably about 2 sizes too big, the rise is 8", but they didn't feel too low. i might try to find a different size on my next outing.

j brand olympia denim legging, $138. size 27.
super stretchy, a much lighter weight denim than the james twiggys. similar to the current/elliott denim leggings. i really disliked the blue wash, it just didn't look right in legging form. the black was much nicer, but they were too skinny around the leg opening. i felt like a carrot in them. i have a pair of lululemon wunder under leggings that i live in, so i don't think i'm in the market for denim leggings. or 'jeggings,' as i saw once online. shudder.

second stop: madewell

madewell rail straight, black frost wash, $99(?). size 27
i like the denim a lot, it's softer than the skinny skinny, but i encountered the same problem that i have with jcrew denim--the fabric puckers and folds right above the knee. it's just a fit issue, and either they work with your body or they don't. it's a pity, madewell's prices are pretty reasonable.

madewell, skinny skinny, black wash, $69.50. size 27.
these also puckered above the knee and yet were super tight and fitted at the waist and calves. i thought the leg opening wasn't too bad, although i would probably roll them up most of the time. i didn't think the denim felt as nice as the rail straights. it felt light, stiff, and flat. hard to explain, but it's like wine or cheese, i want more subtlety/complexity with my denim. definitely a great basic pair of jeans if they fit you well.

third stop: neiman marcus

current/elliott, the skinny jean, night wash, $72 (on sale from $208). size 26.
(note: this is a photo of the 27s. i got discombobulated and didn't take a decent photo of the properly fitting pair.)
i tried these on a few months ago in a 27 and found them to be unflattering in the thighs and seat. apparently i'm a 26, because this pair looked much much better on. tight and fitted all the way until mid-calf, and then just wide enough to prevent the dreaded spinning-top effect. i love the denim fabric that current/elliott uses. it's nearly as soft and wonderful as R13 denim. for only $72, i couldn't resist.

but now, having tried them on again at home, i'm worried that the rise is too low. i have visions of constantly hiking them up, so i may consider returning them.

i think i'll go downtown to barneys on thursday to try on acne, earnest sewn, and more j brand.

any thoughts on acne kex? too low rise? too skinny?
what about D RK SH DW's detroit jean--could i get away with the 27s? it looks like you have to size up in them.