Thursday, February 28, 2013

Advice please!

I bought what I thought were the Mars boots on Yoox for $250, but they're a slightly different style with a double stacked sole. I am not sure about the sole, I've stepped on the lip a few times, and I have to admit I prefer the clean lines of the Mars.

What do you think??

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

two outfits for two days in march {J.Crew 20% discount code}

interview no. 2

interview no. 2, day 2

ETA: try the code INSIDER for 20% off and free shipping at J.Crew. i just checked it, and it seems to be working!
i've been spending far too much time coming up with outfits....when i really should be working.

after waffling on the Rachel Comey Mars boots, i've decided against them for now. the loose heel and tight toe box make me nervous about spending so much money for what will most likely be uncomfortable after a few hours wear. at this point i've decided to work with what i have, adding two new pieces (the j.crew pinwheel eyelet pencil skirt in navy and silk peter pan collar top). i picked up a pair of cece flats in boulevard green over the holidays for $47, and pretty much everything else was purchased well over five years ago.

unsurprisingly, i gravitate toward j.crew when it comes to interview clothing. i wish i could get a new bag, maybe in a dark gray or black. i have a small LV damier bag that my mom gave me, but i always feel strange carrying it. also, it isn't very practical because of its size.

the only two 'imaginary outfit' pieces are the pyrrha necklace ("in lumine luce") and satomi kawakita diamon disc earrings, neither of which will be accompanying me. if all goes well, maybe they'll end up in my jewelry box later this year...?

Monday, February 25, 2013


Rachel Comey Wren Dress at Steven Alan
Been spending too much time looking at Mars boots online...and now I want a dress to go with them.

Long story short, the 8s are too small, the 9s are a little too big (an insole works), but I'd rather go a little big rather than try to track down 8.5s from a previous season. I ordered what I thought were heavily reduced Mars boots from Yoox, returned the 8s to Gravity Pope (we exchanged them for a pair of shoes for Matthew), and am now deciding what to do next.

I can order them in the US and have a friend mail them to me (hopefully they would arrive with time to spare so I can break them in for a few days before the 13th). Or I can swallow my pride and pay an extra $70 to have them right now. The funny part is that I was able to pay the full Canadian price this weekend while in the store, but now that I'm shoe-less and at home, I've become stubborn and peeved about the markup.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hard morning

Some mornings it takes forever to get out the door. One boy has mastered the stalling technique. The other has a teething fever. Thank goodness for a Mociun dress hand me down to cheer my morning.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

more thoughts on the interview outfit

did you see this of a kind / fieldguided giveaway? i've been obsessed with the iacoli & mcallister spica light, which i first saw at thomas sires. i'm sorely tempted to order this necklace as part of my interview outfit. i think there's more leeway for creative pieces during this stage of the interview process.

the weather is the trickiest variable in my outfit planning. it may rain, or there could be snow in mid-march. sturdy shoes that offer some protection from muddy or wet ground are a good idea. i'm thinking of ordering the frye carson lace-ups in either dark brown or black. if only i still lived in the US, i would order them from bliss boutique in a heartbeat. a dressier option that may be more appropriate would be the rachel comey mars boots.

at this point i'm leaning toward a pencil skirt, maybe in a fun spring color, plus a cardigan and my trench.

Monday, February 18, 2013

The Interview Outfit

My NYC trip was a success, although I think I spent more time traveling than in the city. Now I need another outfit for mid-March. Just for fun, let's build an outfit around this top. Shoes that can withstand 8 hours on my feet, and something that works with my trench. Since this is all hypothetical, let's look for a necklace, too. If only the interview were as much fun as imaginary outfits!

Monday, February 11, 2013

nyc for 26 hours

pre-spring samuji at jumelle

is it already valentine's day? and leon is turning 4 on the 22nd.

my birthday came and went. matthew got me the etoile isabel marant ouda pullover, which has kept me warm this past month.

ever since julia posted her new samuji dress, i've been hoping to check out the line in person. well, it looks like jumelle is having a sample sale that starts while i'm in nyc for 26 hours. maybe i'll be lucky and find something nice.

if you were in nyc for work and only had 7 free hours before catching your flight, where would you go, what would you do? i can't decide if it's worth going to jumelle if i'm in midtown and need to be at La Guardia by 5.30.