Tuesday, October 30, 2007


a.p.c. quilted black jacket with removable rabbit fur collar (still feeling guilty about my first fur possession), stel's boston, gift from matthew.
t luxury pointelle top, dress boston, $60.
habitual for bloomingdales black denim miniskirt, $60.
loeffler randall grommet boots, $230ish, ebay.

alyson fox

alyson has been featured on design sponge a few times, and her artwork is really lovely. so i was happy to see on Jargol that she's added a clothing line.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

weekend at the hamptons

cooper's beach boardwalk

stuart davis grave, green river cemetery

frank o'hara grave, green river cemetery

cross sound ferry

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

slouching towards winter

keri russell's hat (last seen at sundance, 2007), is lovely. in fact, it is so lovely that there is an entire crafts thread about replicating it. but if you aren't inclined to pick up your knitting needles and give it a try, there seems to be plenty of options out there. the key is finding something that is just slouchy enough to hang insouciantly without looking deflated.

according to the november issue of Lucky, keri likes to shop at erica tanov, which tends to stock a lot of knits. i wouldn't be surprised if she bought hers there.

Rachel Comey slouch hat, baby alpaca, $120

Anna Kula floppy beret, merino wool and mohair, $160 (too floppy, but nice fabric)

Free People montreal slouch beret, fiber content unknown, $28

Urban Outfitters wide ribbed beret, wool and acrylic, $24

Misa Harada paul balloon beret, wool/poly/nylon, $145

i tried to find a similar hat last year and failed. instead, i bought this steven alan cashmere button hat on sale. it's not quite the same thing, but it keeps my head warm and doesn't muss my hair too much.

me, a new patagonia top, and three funny little gourds. arena farm, concord, mass.

a few parting, gratuitous images::::

Stewart+Brown cashmere peasant cap (fair trade sustainable fibers), $160.

Orla Kiely double face tweed coat with faux fur collar, $695 (part babushka, part mod)

Friday, October 12, 2007

almost autumn (marni skirt)

purchased at Louis Boston, 2004, $525. i love the copper with the steel blue-grey and wheat colors. looking forward to my first real day of autumn.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

a little bit disappointed

when i saw this skirt on mociun's website, i knew i had to have it. it was one of the best plaids i had ever seen. so i checked all the shops that usually carry mociun, and bird said that it was shipping soon. i also emailed caitlin mociun, and she described it as more brown than grey and black. that was the first warning signal. then when bird said it was in stock, the salesgirl corrected me when i said it was grey and black. no, she said, it's more like brown. heedless of this second warning, i went ahead and ordered it.

the fabric is a thick, plush wool, like a hudson blanket. the lookbook version appears to be flannel, which is what other mociun dresses have been made from in the past. i don't mind the thickness, it's actually quite cozy. the high waist is something i'm getting used to.

but the plaid isn't exactly what i wanted. i like it, but i admit, i'm disappointed. the original is amazing, really crisp and polished in a seventies collegiate way (yes, i'm in love with ali macgraw from love story. awful movie, great wardrobe). i'm assuming something happened during the production process, but i really wish this skirt was like the one in the lookbook. it's beautiful in its second incarnation, but i keep saying 'but.'

should i keep it?

thanks for your advice!
so, after hemming and hawing for a week, i'm returning it. i wasn't aware that phone orders are considered store purchases (10 day return policy, store credit only); their online store allows 30 day returns, refund or exchange. bird nicely agreed to refund my money. amazingly, i don't want to buy anything at the moment. that's a first for me!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

demylee sweater and lotta jansdotter bags

demylee cashmere boatneck sweater, barneys coop. another present from mom.

i have these linen lotta jansdotter bags that i bought on ebay. i ended up buying a lot of ten for the price of one. they're perfect for a paperback, wallet and keys. i have three in the brick red and one in the slate blue left. if anyone wants me to send them one (free of charge), let me know.
UPDATE: all gone!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

arts and crafts loves

so i bought those camilla prints yesterday, but i didn't manage to snag one of jenny gordy's lovely 'tova' shirts on her etsy shop. stephanie congdon barnes is updating her etsy shop on wednesday, and it would be amazing if i could buy/afford one of her soft toys.

yesterday night i went to see the brunettes, a band from new zealand. the lead singer is the wife of a friend of a dear friend who just returned from two years of research. the last time i went to a concert (june 2005, spoon) was with that friend, so it's only fitting that he bookend a period of my life that was a bit lackluster. it's october, and i'm ready for a sea change.

Monday, October 01, 2007

happy october!

camilla engman prints, set of four, $45. these would be perfect in a nursery. love the white frames, may have to do the same.