Thursday, July 31, 2008

virginia johnson sale

sack dress,
$118, was $295

merino wool shawl,
$97, was $195.

cotton scarf,
$49, was $98

$78, was $195

crocodile large tote,
$70, was $175

loads of lovely dresses, scarves, tunics, and bags on sale. i swear by my merino wool camel shawl (it's huge!). it's perfect as a travel blanket. i'm getting the countess wait, the sack dress. darn, i want them all!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

steven alan shirts

i haven't checked steven alan's website in a while, so i was pleased to find this cute short-sleeved button down shirt for only $39. i ordered one in the check pattern and one in blue.

we're going to portland, me on sunday to look at shoes at Black Parrot. Kate emailed me about a pair of Giraudon oxfords that might work for me. i can't wait to check out a few of the places there and, oh yeah, have some lobster!

Friday, July 25, 2008

new sandals

my new sara barner sandals arrived today!

rachel comey tempts yet again

remember these from february?
well anyway, they're on sale for $140 (sizes 8.5, 9, and 9.5).
just sayin'. i mean, it's not like i'm going to buy them again. but if you have hardier feet than me, now might be the time to act.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

a.p.c. fall

i'm in love again.

i'm about 95% positive i'll get the yellow peacoat. i love the grey flannel top, but i'm balking on the price ($225). as for the dress, the print is perfect, but i'm not sure about the bow. apc dresses have been fitting a bit strangely for the past few seasons. and yet, it looks terrific with the trench.

now i need to go sit in a corner and meditate on whether or not i need the black vanya dress by mayle (from fall 07/08, marked down to $312), which would be so perfect with tights and oxfords. the thing is, i could have bought the dress at bird last spring for $200, so maybe i should wait for it to show up on ebay again.

why are all the autumn collections so darn tempting?!?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

the great oxford hunt continues

well, it must be almost autumn again. so during the past year i bought and returned two different pairs of rachel comey oxfords. not to mention the year before that. lesson learned, no rachel comey shoes for me.

impulse had a pair of grey suede opening ceremony oxfords on sale last month, but i decided to pass on them.

i also coveted a pair of cut-out f-troupes, but bird didn't have them in my size.

so, what next?
take these frye oxfords, for example. i like the dark brown leather, but i'm less than thrilled by the back buckle.

i suppose i could keep scouring thrift shops (etsy and elsewhere), but my feet are too ornery for no-returns policies.

i like these tracey neuls, but i'm not sure the dark green color will work with my outfits. if i liked black more, i would definitely buy a pair of repettos, but apparently i have my heart set on dark brown. has anyone seen a pair of well-made, comfortable brown oxfords for under $300? i would love to have a pair of practical autmn shoes before i switch to my winter boots.

what i did on my summer vacation

first, we went to a fourth of july weekend wedding in rhode island. i helped make flower pompoms, and a friend officiated.

a few days later a friend and i went to d.c. to visit friends from college and grad school. i didn't take too many photos because i was too busy wilting in the heat. we stayed at the tabard inn, which was infinitely charming (but very very dark inside). i also ran into renee by chance in georgetown. she recognized me in that sunshine and shadow dress.

the day after we returned from d.c., matthew and i hopped on a plane to portland. i was fitted for my new sandals at sara barner's studio (they should be here soon). matthew had an espresso at stumptown and decided it was in his top 10. i went to a few stores but liked canoe the best. the carry-on chopsticks are exactly what i need. after a few hours in the city, we drove down to eugene to meet his parents. for the next six days, very little was accomplished. i ate too much junkfood and napped on the deck.

after a delayed flight, missed connection, and 3-hr 'night's rest' at the red roof inn in burlingame, we finally made it home yesterday afternoon. i'm taking the day off to clean the house, play with the cats, and catch up on my blogroll. i hope everyone has been having a good july so far...