Sunday, November 30, 2008

the things i do for my cats

i know, the economy is going to hell and we have some major expenses to deal with, but 25% off the new hepper pod bed in herringbone (removable reversible liner, hooray!) was incentive enough to buy something that i had been planning on getting for quite a while.

right now our house is filled with 6 cardboard boxes in which turtle and hector take turns sleeping. i don't have the heart to toss them just yet, but they're turning our apartment into a junkyard. hopefully this pod bed will be so enticing that they won't feel the need to hop into the crib come february. oh, i'm probably being delusional, but at least the apartment will look nicer.

Friday, November 28, 2008

satine black friday sale

i'm actually trying to get some writing done today, so no outlet malls or anything like that for me. but satine is having a 50% off sale. if you're a diehard tsumori chisato fan, there are tons of pieces on sale.

don't forget bird, too. i don't even have the energy to post my favorites, but let's just say i really want that a.p.c. yellow peacoat. sigh.

rachel comey dress-$190 (xs and m)

zero by maria cornejo cashmere 'new shell' cardigan-$325 (xs and m)

rachel comey cut-out moccasin boot-$162 (7.5, 8, 8.5, 10, 11)

mayle aiko cardigan-$227 (small)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

going to brooklyn next weekend?

lena just let me know that many of my favorite artists and designers are having a sale next sunday. my baby shower is the day beforehand, but i think i can handle a drive down to brooklyn just for this.

mociun clothing at 50% off? port2port calendars? sian keegan's adorable stuffed animals? i really cannot resist....

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

martin clothes on sale

several pieces are now on sale (apparently shipping is free, too). i love my straight leg denim, and the petal top would be fun to wear next spring.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

barbour bedale jacket

collar up, collar down

i guess my new englander transformation is finally complete (or it will be once i buy l.l.bean boots). in a fit of frustration yesterday (my ben sherman parka zipper broke), i went down to newbury street to try on barbour wax cotton jackets.

naturally, i left the store 30 minutes later $450 poorer. i wanted something that was waterproof, relatively windproof, and could accommodate a zip-in warm liner. the women's jackets do not work with the liners, so even though the fit is slimmer, i decided to go with a unisex design. i tried on the beaufort, which is about 33 inches long, but found that the cut was too bulky around the shoulders and back. i also didn't care for the internal velcro sleeve cuffs. apparently it comes in a slimmer cut, but i didn't see it at this particular shop.

i bought the bedale in sage (very dark green, almost black in some lighting conditions), which is shorter (about 31 inches) but fits more snugly in the back shoulders, has a sweater sleeve cuff and side vents (key for bicycling). i also purchased a quilted zip-in liner, but passed on an attachable hood because i felt like i was spending too much money. when i arrived home, i immediately searched online to see if i could buy the same thing for less. and of course, i did.

the details:
size 34 (US women's equivalent 4, but it fit me (4-6) perfectly with room to spare in the waist (also key!). a 36 fits just as well, but i wanted a slimmer silhouette.

bedale jacket in sage, list price $345
quilted fleece liner, list price $105
hood (not purchased), list price $45
total: $458

ordered from Gifts for Fishing (UK site, free shipping to US, tax and duties if applicable will be refunded):
bedale jacket in sage, $265
warm pile lining, $ 75 (list price $95)
hood, $34
total: $374

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

bundling up

1. new le bouton studio broad shirt
2. jcrew cardigan
3. opening ceremony coat

The first cold day of the season (high of 40 degrees), so now begins the tricky task of dressing for the freezing outdoors and stuffy interiors. even this coat will have to be bypassed for warmer (full-sleeved) parkas in a month or so....

Update: the broad shirt is still available, but no longer in the striped grey and white silk fabric featured on Lisa's site. anyway, it's much more fun to pick out your own fabric from all the lovely swatches that she'll send you!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

steven alan knitted button hat

tanja wanted to see better photos of my steven alan cashmere button hat. i'm not good enough at knitting to make something similar, but i hope these images help.

i would love to figure out how to crochet something similar to my other steven alan aviator cap because they no longer offer it. someday it will fall apart and i'll be very very sad.

clothing swap blog!

laws of general economy is now online.

anyone can view the blog, but if you'd like to participate by posting clothing, accessories, etc., that you would like to give away, please email me so i can add you as a 'blog author.' if you only have one or two things that you'd like to post, i can upload them for you.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

a.p.c. madras fall-winter 08 tunic dress

i'm not actually planning on wearing this today but i thought i should post a photo of it. the fit is pretty loose, but not too tent-like. the shoulders seemed a bit narrow at first, but after wearing it on the plane last weekend, it seems to have stretched out a tiny bit so it's more comfortable. i was worried the ombre would be too trendy, but honestly, i like it so much that i don't really care...

Sunday, November 09, 2008

more on the thea dress

just got back from houston. i don't know how people can travel for business every month, i always get so frazzled when i have to travel....all that waiting at airports and killing time in dreary hotels....

anyway, la garconne posted better images of the thea, and other mayle holiday pieces, and all i can say is that i'm even more in love with this collection.

but the sleeves are shorter than the lookbook version, and i can't decide whether this is a good thing or not. i was a little partial to the longer length for some reason.

oh, and the madras pieces came last week, but i returned the plaid top because it's too boxy and short in the torso. i was worried the gradient dress would be too shapeless, but it fits me pretty well. i'll post photos today or tomorrow, once i recover.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

fall markdowns at bird

rachel comey mrs. warms coat, $429.
mayle short trench jacket with shearling collar, $469.

mina perhonen cotton shadow snow dress, $369. i've been obsessed with this print for a while now....

a.p.c. peacoat, $289. so soft, it's like a sweater. i nearly bought this, but decided to go with the plaid cape instead.

i've been so busy following the news about the election and the crashing economy that i failed to notice that Bird has begun to mark down its fall offerings. Impulse has also started its sales.