Wednesday, December 24, 2008

packing for paris

pipsqueak chapeau linen dress
tse say wool cardigan
mm6 leggings

mm6 dress
jcrew sweater
thigh-high legwarmers

dries van noten top
theory wool cardigan
apc wool skirt
leg warmers

mayle galina wool jacket


barbour bedale jacket in sage with warm lining
virginia johnson camel wool shawl

so it's going to be about as cold in paris as it is here in new england. i've been sifting through my closet, trying to figure out what will be both comfortable and warm. i'm also packing my new jeans and my frye boots. i'm not sure my mayle jacket will be warm enough, but i'll bring it just in case. i'm thinking layers are my best option, but if it's really cold, i'll probably just wear my jeans, a cardigan, and leggings as long underwear. not very stylish, but oh well.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

new items in laws of general economy blog

lots of lovely new things posted in the clothing blog. since most of them were quite expensive, i am asking for more than the shipping costs alone (but no more than 10-20% of what i originally paid). i am feeling super guilty about how much money i've spent over the years on clothing. the economy stinks and we're all feeling the bank account pinch. i'm sure we all have clothing in our closets that we don't wear but hate the idea of 'losing' money on in ebay. my solution is to meditate for a long time on why i bought the item, why it hasn't worked out for me, and then try to let go of the annoyance about how much money i spent on it. if someone else can love and wear it, then that makes me feel a little better. these new pieces of clothing are things that i could probably sell on ebay, but for insultingly low prices. therefore, i'm posting them on the blog first. if there are no takers, maybe i'll meditate a while longer before deciding whether or not ebay should take a cut of the 'profits.' if anyone else wants to join in on the fun (i.e. clearing out the closet), email me...

two blogs inspiring me to do better:
stephanie and her amazing imaginary outfits. why buy when you can make believe?
editor and her disciplined and thoughtful approach to structuring a wardrobe.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

running out of options

clu shirt dress
ingrid and isabel leggings
rachel comey belt

the belt is a little too tight, so i'm not sure i'll be able to wear it for much longer. maybe something from jcrew is in order. the dress is short in front to begin with, so soon it will be scandalously short. the leggings are the only thing i feel comfortable wearing nowadays. i broke down last night and ordered a pair of maternity jeans, (GOOGLE15 for 15%). and just this morning i realized that i could drive up to portsmouth and try them on in order to avoid exchanging them by mail if they don't fit.

i've had a good run these past 30 weeks, but now i'm starting to feel the wardrobe pinch. at least i'm done with teaching so i no longer need to look super presentable, but it's depressing to think that even my t-shirts aren't long enough anymore.

isabel marant sale

lena clued me in to this dress, and if there were other sizes besides 0 left, i would buy it.

ooh, look! isabel marant on sale at creatures of comfort. i would pounce, but you know, paris is just around the corner, and i hear that things are already being marked down there.

creatures of comfort blog


Monday, December 15, 2008

holiday window shopping

because it fits (and i love it in black). mayle mirabelle dress, $695 (white version at la garconne).

because we're going to paris. repetto ideal ballerine in carbone, now $175 at zoe.

because they look so comfortable. ante humus boot by argila, now $328 at kick pleat.

because the length is perfect and the elbow patches are so useful. acne shorty wool cardigan, $302 at creatures of comfort. $289 plus 30% off (HOLIDAYTIME) at tobi.

because i can't get enough of striped cashmere sweaters. apc, now $210 at creatures of comfort.

what i'm actually spending my money on. makie wool fleece hat, vest, and pixie pants, on sale at nonchalant mom.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

wiksten holiday collection

jenny is updating her shop with a new holiday collection some time around noon (CST) tomorrow. unfortunately i'll have to miss it because my parents are arriving for the weekend to help jumpstart the nesting (i've been delinquent, i'm afraid).

i know i'll be able to wear my regular clothing soon enough, but my patience wears thin when i see such lovely new skirts.

baby shower

last saturday a dear friend hosted a baby shower at her home. i wore my new mayle Eniko dress, which i ordered from the shop a few weeks ago when they were having their sale. it just barely fits, but i'm glad it made it to the shower. more photos on future*perfect....

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

new steven alan shirt

although i can't model the whitman shirt because the belly is getting in the way, i have a feeling this will be one of my favorite postpartum tops thanks to its forgiving shape.

i forgot to mention that there's a 10% code (SAVE10) until dec. 14. lots of shirts, dresses, and outerwear are on sale already.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

steven alan window shopping

it's a pity i really really don't need another coat!
steven alan galley coat, $349 from $585.

and if i were to pack my suitcase with lovely steven alan pieces, this is what it would look like.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

moicun online store sale

i think we're going to the sale on sunday in brooklyn, but as lena just mentioned, pieces have already been marked down 50% online. i would buy a dress, but--well, i need to get presents for everyone else first...