Monday, March 31, 2008

nyc: part two

shop reviews, continued...

they were marking down the previous season to 60% off. unfortunately, they didn't have anything in my size. mostly 2s and 10s. argh!

a.p.c. surplus store
such a tiny store. i wouldn't have bought most of the clothing full price. they did, however, have those lovely white sandals from last summer for $150.

built by wendy sample sale
so crowded and hectic. matthew thought about buying a sweater, but i was feeling claustrophobic and had to leave. maybe nyc sample sales aren't for me? the brooklyn shop, however, had quite a few pieces from the new collection. i love the hawaiian print dresses and skirts, but i'll have to wait until they go on sale.

i went here with angela, but there wasn't much left in terms of sale items. i loved the isabel marant that they did have, however.

another tiny shop, but so many lovely, well-curated items. again, isabel marant was a stand-out for me.

i found a tunic dress that reminded me of this dress by jackson, johnston & roe. it was only $95, but i didn't have time to try it on because i had to meet friends at MoMA.

moon river chattel
i did, however, fortify myself with red licorice from this wonderful shop. they have waxed canvas duffel bags, but unfortunately were out of the smaller sized one that matthew wanted. we might have to do a phone order later on.

steven alan
basically, i wanted everything in this store. the buyers could do no wrong this season. mayle, lyell, mociun, ulla johnson, rachel comey, lauren moffat, et al.

so, the shop was closing in 20 minutes, and i was feeling grumpy because i had yet to buy anything. we were leaving on the 8pm chinatown bus, and i 'had' to buy something. the lyell dress was clearly out ($500!?!), but this mociun pocket front zigzag dress was calling my name. the print is beyond awesome, and i'll take sturdy and clever over delicate and elegant pretty much any day of the week. i do, after all, ride my bicycle to school in inclement weather.

oh, did i mention the front pocket? so perfect for hiding a $20 and photo i.d. for summer-time jaunts. mociun zigzag dress, $298. steven alan, in store only.

i also bought matthew this gingham tie. boys should wear ties more often, with their sleeves rolled up. $55, steven alan, in store only.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

nyc: part one

forsythia in the Met lobby. the courbet show is amazing.

in god we trust interior. matthew really like the men's clothing. i thought the sailor dresses and tops were cute, but the puffed sleeves were too intense for me.

jackalope at in god we trust.

i tried on these f-troupe lace-ups at bird. the leather is extremely soft, but the shoe runs really small. i usually wear a 39 or 8.5, and the 40s were too small on me.
$185, available on bird's website.

after stephanie posted on the 3.1 tatami collaboration, i kept an eye out for them in the city. i really wanted this pair, which are hard to find online. i tried them on at steven alan, loved them, but i'd rather buy something dressier. as of yesterday, they had them in 38 and 39, at the very least.
$150, steven alan, phone or email order only.

the print is really nice, but it didn't fit me very well. as in, i looked like a sack of potatoes.
$210, a.p.c.

it's true, this tunic top is shapeless. come on, touitou, we all know that jenny does it better.
$190, a.p.c.

it comes in a top, too! was sorely tempted, especially because i love chambray. the dressing room photos did not turn out well. oh, and i can't remember how much it costs, but maybe $155?
a.p.c., in store only.

the top was a little tricky to get into, and somewhat sheer even with the lining, but oh, it is glorious. i was in ruffle heaven.
$390(?), lyell.

i am in love with this dress. it is so comfortable and elegant. the silk georgette is light and stretchy, and the fit is perfection. nipped in the waist, but not too tight, and the sleeves drape beautifully. an effortless dress.
$495, lyell.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

built by wendy

ooh, i can't believe i'll be in nyc during a sample sale!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

shopping in brooklyn

edit:: well, it looks like williamsburg and soho/nolita will be my main destinations. i wish i had more time to fully explore the area...

i will be in brooklyn on saturday and would love any suggestions for itineraries. i've only been to the cobble hill/smith st. area.

possible excursion sites include: jumelle, bird, erie basin, a.p.c. surplus, sodafine, sprout home, and moon river chattel.

hmm, i really need to start mapping these places so i can see how feasible it will be.

any thoughts on:
coffee shops
home goods

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

the dress

jackson, johnston & roe are old news, but oh, i can't stop staring at the sofie dress. thank goodness i'm going to nyc on friday. i'm going to the a.p.c. surplus store in brooklyn, so i think i might have to drop by jumelle and bird to try on everything they have by jackson, johnston & roe.

i am also in love with this print. they should design bags and pillows, in fact, they should design my life. i love their aesthetic...

when will spring arrive?

Monday, March 17, 2008

f-troupe canvas lace-ups

or what about these canvas lace-ups by f-troupe? only $120....
i can't decide whether these look too much like keds
(not necessarily a bad thing, except when you want oxfords)

Thursday, March 13, 2008


I found Shaybelle's lovely designs through Chelsea and Unruly Things. I have been patiently waiting for Jenny's new collection, but I really 'needed' some handmade clothing 'right now' [.....] so, I couldn't decide between the Carpenter (top) and Prim (bottom) dresses by Shaybelle, but I finally settled on the latter. I don't think this will be the last time I order something from her, though, so there's no rush [....] I have something else in the works that I'm really excited about.

I've decided to see how long I can last buying only handmade or used clothing.

Monday, March 10, 2008

alyson fox balloons

lovely winter 08 collection photographs and videos can be seen here. i can't seem to find her clothing anywhere. oh i do love the styling (especially the red tights)...

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

lebouton skirts

le bouton studio has a new line of clothing that can be seen here. the green skirt is in corduroy, and the coated linen version has such a perfect lining. they are $140 each and so perfect for everyday wear.

spring cleaning

Another Etsy shop update to look forward to. Martha of Uniform-Studio will be having a spring cleaning sale starting tomorrow (Thursday) at 1pm cst. Thankfully I will be done with teaching by then, so I can wait patiently for the images to upload. I love the combination of greys with splashes of orange, ochre, and green in her work. It doesn't hurt that she's an architect, either. Her new collection will go on sale later this month, I think.


I wanted one of these, but I was too slow. Ahhh, Etsy...

But I did manage to get one of these little lambs. So far, March has been more lamb and less lion. I'm not exactly thrilled by the wind and the rain, but the 40 degree temperature is sheer loveliness.

*Everything sold in under 10 minutes. It was about as intense as a Wiksten shop update!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

vintage sunday

Joanna clued me in to Ramonawest's amazing Etsy shop, and now I obsessively check her site at least once a day. The oxfords are size 8.5/9 and only $49. The dress is M/L, but probably will fit a small, too, and has one of the best prints I've seen in a long while ($42).