Monday, November 19, 2012


I'll take one of each. Howlin' by Morrison Babs Pullover.

not too long ago stephanie clued me in on the amazingness that is Mill Mercantile. i've been thinking about the rich saturated hues of Howlin' by Morrison's lambswool sweaters after feeling defeated by a few recent forays to Zara and J.Crew. why do people think it's ok to pay $80-150 for a sweater comprised mainly of synthetic fibers? maybe i'm getting cranky, but that seems like a lot of money for acrylic and nylon.

anyway, the other day i saw 'skyfall,' and was struck by the vividness of the wool sweaters worn by Bond and Kincade, his groundskeeper. the contrast with the muted greys and browns of the landscape was gorgeous.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

steven alan sample sale

uh oh, here comes trouble!


Julien Jacket in black and Danny Pant in red. They were already sold out in the black pant, but I'm sure I can find another pair easily if I need a proper interview outfit. I went with the red instead of the grey because I didn't like the wool/polyester blend when I was at the Venice Beach Steven Alan. In contrast, the wool/polyamide blend in the black and red colorways is super soft and cozy. I don't own anything in red, but I thought the pants would be festive and cheering this winter season.

Friday, November 09, 2012

L.L. Bean fisherman sweater

It's soft, fits perfectly (kid's medium). The sleeves are a little short, but I like them that way. It seems like it might pill a lot, though. For $40, I can't complain!

The J Crew Ankle Matchstick Jeans are a bust. The zipper is off-center by nearly an inch in the golden sunflower color. I hope they'll let me return it even though it was a final sale.

Monday, November 05, 2012

a mini shopping spree

thanks to emmaclaire and jennifer for their suggestions. i ordered the l.l. bean kids' fisherman sweater in a medium (hopefully it will fit based on comments i read on other blogs). at $40, i couldn't really say no!

i also bought a pair of jcrew toothpick jeans. i've never owned colored-jeans before, and i'm very late to that bandwagon, but hopefully they will cheer me up during this long winter. i like the idea of a cream colored sweater with yellow bottoms, but i'm not sure how it will look on me. jcrew is having a 25% discount on orders over $150, so i decided to buy a few things for leon as well.

in other news, i am feeling extra anxious as this election season FINALLY comes to a close.