Wednesday, February 29, 2012

wintry mix on leap year day

anniel liberty print ballet flats at conifer

just the other day i was lamenting the appearance of buds, worrying that a march freeze would ruin spring, and then today sideways wet gloppy sticky snow that finally turned into rain. i'm looking forward to maple syrup season and all that canada has to offer...!

Monday, February 27, 2012

where did february go?!

week 20

week 29

week 34

leon's 3rd birthday at preschool

it's funny how spring break has truly become catching up week. i owe a lot of people emails, but as the weeks go by, it's getting harder to concentrate on anything that isn't related to work or preparing for the baby. 5 weeks to go, and i hope it's at least 5 weeks because there are so many things left to do. i'm operating on a skeleton wardrobe these days. j brand maternity jeans, park vogel sweater, jcrew extra-long hoodie, uggs, mocs, and aigle rainboots (the only shoes that still fit). i'm just happy that i survived the worst of winter without having to buy a new parka or boots. thankfully i have one dress i can wear while teaching because my due date is the last day of class!

just for reference, this was me at week 37 with leon. i can't believe how long my hair was...

Tuesday, February 07, 2012


lauren moffatt crochet sweater
current/elliott stiletto jeans in tiny polka dots

FWK engineered garments for women, bedford jacket, at bow+arrow

yesterday it was in the mid 40s, but it's supposed to snow this weekend. i'm going to pretend it's almost spring and dress accordingly.

time to start thinking about layers in lighter fabrics and knits. this lauren moffatt crochet pullover in cotton would look so cheerful with the current/elliott polka-dotted jeans. i'm seriously obsessed with these jeans. i spent my morning walk to the office scheming ways to get them across the border for the least amount of money. i'm also starting to think i need a spring jacket that is polished enough to wear to class without sacrificing my love of casual comfort. i'd probably be better off getting the SA annette blazer in navy (on sale at conifer), but i know myself too well at this point.

Friday, February 03, 2012

happy friday

new dress by rennes

of course i missed out on jenny's valentine dress yesterday. i happened to be in a meeting for the two hours when it was uploaded. there were only three, so the odds were against me, but still--drats!

at least there's more eye-candy on its way from julia. i am loving the dropped waist and all those crazy subtle stripes.

here's to a spring-like weekend, wherever you may be in the northern hemisphere!

Thursday, February 02, 2012

speaking of steven alan....

i've been following the expansion of SA's collection with a lot of interest, but have yet to really invest in any non-shirting items because all i seem to buy these days are button-down shirts. as intrigued as i am by the references to alex katz's paintings for their spring 2012 collection, i am having a hard time finding pieces that really resonate with me. i do, however, like the clean modern lines of many of the pieces. the collection reminds me of the early 90s, and A.P.C. in particular. i am very curious about the quality of their shoes, especially the new mary jane sandals, which are the sandal version of a pair of much coveted A.P.C. mary janes from many years ago.

regardless, i will definitely be purchasing at least 2-3 new SA button-downs in the coming months. you can't really go wrong with their shirts. add a pair of slouchy Current/Elliott jeans in a fun color and a new pair of sandals for my ever-growing feet, plus my old stand-bys, Surface To Air boyfriend jeans, and i'll be ready for spring.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

on trust and expectations

amanda recently raised an important question about declining quality in many of the brands that we love and save our pennies for. maybe they were trustworthy in the past, but perhaps quality control has fallen by the wayside in recent seasons. many of us shop online and rely on fit and quality reviews, but even trying on and purchasing a much coveted piece in a brick and mortar store can lead to regret later on.

it has been a while since i've bought anything besides hand-made clothing, so i can't attest to the current quality of my go-to brands. i try not to post items that are all looks and no substance, but it's hard to know which brands to trust without trying them on and living with them for a while. for example:
  • my no. 6 clog boots recently fell apart. the staples came undone. it's easily fixed, but i'm a little annoyed.
  • i never buy knits from jcrew. i also will not buy anything from jcrew unless it's at least 50% off, because that's what i think it's worth. most of their pants don't fit me. i find that madewell's quality is worse than jcrew's.
  • in the past 5 years i haven't had a single issue with Steven Alan shirts.
  • i have a corduroy A.P.C. dress that keeps coming apart at the seams, but the rest of my A.P.C. pieces are fine.
  • hand-made clothing is typically better made, but you may end up more disappointed if the fit isn't perfect on you.
  • my mom gave me her new LV bag, and after a few months of infrequent use, the surface coating on the handles has rubbed off in patches.
  • a longchamp bag developed holes in the bottom corners in less than 6 months.
  • i've never had an issue with my frye paige riding boots in the past 3 years.

in general, i buy fewer things these days. i don't really know what the investment pieces and brands are anymore. maybe that's why i've been focusing on sturdy basics that aren't necessarily the prettiest or most interesting things out there. i used to be more cavalier about shopping, but these days i really hate the idea of wasting my money on clothing that disappoints after a few wears, or even after a year or two.

which brands do you trust? or do you believe that nothing is guaranteed when it comes to quality, regardless of the price point? how long should an article of clothing last, anyway?