Friday, June 25, 2010

creatures of comfort summer sale

electric feathers jumper that i'm obsessed with, $354
one of my favorite rachel comey ss10 prints, $138
rittenhouse cotton pants with an elastic waist, $112

plus, totokaelo's sale starts tomorrow!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

green and navy

green tank from maryam nassir zadeh, acne skirt, sven clogs.

i washed the tank once on cold with dark items and then accidentally put two white tees in the wash the second time around. whoops. 

the clogs are still a little tough to wear, but i think i'm slowly breaking them in.

Monday, June 14, 2010

nyc...clogs and overalls

our trip to nyc to visit friends last week was such a welcome break. we still managed to spend a few mornings at the park along riverside drive, and i didn't shop nearly as much as i wanted to, but that's how it goes when you're on leon time.

i bought an undershirt from India at Maryam Nassir Zadeh in a lovely dark forest green. apparently they cost $0.35 in India! i also bought white overalls from the Steven Alan outlet, which i've been coveting every since i saw fanny bostrom's wedding photos. they are so comfortable, and i've really enjoyed the baggier silhouette.

we went to bu and the duck finally, which is conveniently located across the street from steven alan in tribeca. the shop was filled with amazing vintage toys and furniture. i bought leon a pair of linen overalls, which he's modeling with his new shoes from sweet william.

i had less luck with shoes, although what else is new? i fell in love with these golden goose clogs, but the shop was out of my size. stephanie and i went to no. 6 (right next door to built by wendy) to try out their clog heels. my feet are so wide that i had a hard time even putting the T-strap clog on, and stephanie found them to run narrow, too. i'm guessing they'll stretch out a little, but i don't think there's much hope for me. so i ended up buying a pair of sven clogs in black, which were surprisingly sleek and minimalist for clogs. however, after a walk to the park and back, i now have blisters and aching feet. perhaps the 39s are too small, after all. or maybe it's the high heel. not sure what to do about this.

i was deciding between the svens and the boating moccasins by SeaVees, which were as comfortable as a good pair of sneakers, and now i wish i had gone with the latter. and so it goes!

Thursday, June 03, 2010

something's missing

i finally made cut-offs to wear with my mociun dress from last summer. but i still feel like something's missing from this outfit. maybe a necklace or two or three like this one from odette? i spend so much time focusing on the dress or sweater that i forget to accessorize. bags and jewelry (and sometimes shoes) are usually an afterthought.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

hand-made love, elective affinities, and nyc

leon loves his dachshund, which was made by sian keegan. i'm pretty sure it isn't intended for all the love that he wants to give it, but he has chosen it as a lovey.

i dug out my pip-squeak chapeau dress, which i thought wouldn't work for nursing. turns out i was wrong, so now i can wear it as often as i'd like. the only thing is the armholes are so big that i have to layer it with a camisole. i've yet to find one that doesn't mar the dress' neckline.

along with pip-squeak, other children's clothing designers that make lovely things for adults include:
album di famiglia
le bouton
vestiare de cle (the older sister of vestiare de jeanne)
and makie.

i like the idea of wearing hand-made linen dresses, trousers, skirts, and tops in loose simple shapes. a good pair of warm-weather pants is probably at the top of my list. if you're in portland on friday, chelliswilson has new designs by lisa dorr of le bouton available.

also, leon and i will be in nyc from monday til thursday to visit friends, try on shoes and jumpsuits, and stuff ourselves silly. i'd love to hear of new or little-known places to visit while we're there!