Saturday, September 29, 2007

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

the search for the perfect pair of pumps

Kristen Lee platform pumps, $230, Steven Alan.

They aren't exactly like the a.p.c. suede pumps that Olivia, the Impulse model, wears for nearly every photo shoot. But they're relatively low-heeled, with a retro sensibility. I don't mind the slightly pointed toe, but I can't decide whether I like the diagonal stitching across the toe. Maybe I should just wait until Jean Touitou does the same shoe again.

los angeles portraits

new lena corwin tie and steven alan shirt. wedding reception, cafe pinot, 2 sept 07

disney concert hall, frank gehry, downtown los angeles. 2 sept 07

porsche, CAMP parking lot, costa mesa. 18 sept 07

california nightscapes

arnold arboretum, boston

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

rachel comey boots and mayle jacket

Zoe has the same jacket for $526. So tempting!!

all images by Impulse

i prefer the side view on the stacked-heel version for some reason. i found the prices on Tobi's site, $407 for the high heel boots, $385 for the flat boots. anthropologie is selling a version of the flat boots in 'sage'. i never wear anything with a heel (maybe a sturdy 1 1/2" wedge), but lately i've been thinking maybe. it would be redundant to buy another pair of flat boots, anyway.

as for the mayle short jacket, love it, don't need it. Jake has it for $870, but there's a toutie coupon code for 20% off.

i'm not even sure why i'm shopping for boots. it must be my autumn ritual. still no decision on the burberry trench. i feel a bit stupid spending that much money on an unnecessary something. even if it's not my money.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


all images from Impulse

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

more trench coats

for matthew. henrik vibskov open trench coat, $378 from Tres Bien Shop (via Jargol)

minimarket trench, $509 from Tres Bien Shop (via Jargol)

rag & bone mac coat, $495, Active Endeavors ("grechen" for 20% off, always free shipping)

humanoid and trench coats

i saw this humanoid sweater a few weeks ago on Impulse's blog and thought that it would sell out quickly. on friday i saw it on Le Train Bleu's site and thought about buying it. on sunday they were sold out. Impulse is also sold out. i've emailed a bunch of places, but only Presse in LA has replied. they don't have the exact sweater but will call the showroom just in case. it only costs $148. i should have gone ahead and called impulse the minute i saw it, but i hesitated because, well, i don't really need another sweater. i'm really working on this need/want problem, but it's rough going.

this is the closest thing that the store has in stock. i like it, but it's not the one that i want. i have too many sweaters to buy one that is nice but not perfect.

i'm still searching for the perfect trench. i tried on the uniqlo one, which wasn't too bad in terms of quality. the fit was really off, though. wide shoulders and over-long epaulets. i love the idea of the a.p.c. trench, but every time i try it on, it feels too boxy on me. the 36 seems to fit, but the shoulders are a little tight. and the length doesn't seem quite right, either. but i'd love an a.p.c. trench anyway. that's called stubbornness.

so now i'm looking at burberry. yes, it's twice as expensive. but i also have a mother who wants to buy me one. i tried on this longer version in a light beige and immediately thought audrey hepburn, charlotte gainsbourg, and all sorts of lovely things. it also conjured up difficult stains and dry cleaning bills.

the short version is also very nice, but costs the same amount. $980?

i tried on this banana republic trench today. it costs $228 and has a slightly flared skirt. it fits reasonably well, but the fabric has a different finish than that of the burberry gabardine coats. it's hard to say whether the burberry is worth the price. if i were to buy a trench, it would probably cost me at least $400. i think i'll have to try and practice some self-restraint.