Tuesday, January 31, 2012

in love with linen--pip squeak chapeau button down shirts and wiksten dresses

my closet is looking quite barren these days. i guess i was a little too strict when i started wardrobe purging a couple of years ago. my shopping list post-baby grows ever longer...oversized linen button down shirts from pip-squeak chapeau, mark mcnairy boots (i swear my feet are going to go up another half-size), current/elliott roller jeans in pastel shades and a denim shirt, and if i'm lucky, this wiksten valentine dress. i'm normally not a tie-dye person, but i do love how it turned out on linen. i guess there will only be 3 available, and the upload will probably happen during my lunch meeting this thursday, so i'll just have to admire from afar.

Friday, January 27, 2012

more printed denim

remember these patrick ervell printed jeans (now on sale, still super pricey)? why not add these polka-dotted current/elliott jeans to my post-baby wish list...

Current/Elliott pin dot stiletto in lake at Metier

Thursday, January 26, 2012

shoes on sale at lambs ear

forget Hunter, Aigle Parcours are the most comfortable rainboots around for anyone who has to walk a lot in the rain, slush, and mud.
rachel comey nisou sandals for summer. these have been around for a while, but they've been marked down to $170 and would look equally nice with dressy and casual outfits.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

stripes and blues

my birthday came and went without much fuss, which i guess is what happens as you get older. i'm still hoping to do a bit of celebrating after a big deadline in early february, but for now we're contending with daycare eye infections and stubborn colds as well the usual teaching load and trying to write an article. oof.

spring wish list (all from conifer shop):
current elliott perfect shirt also in this cozy imaginary outfit

organic by john patrick chambray pullover

organic by john patrick merino striped pullover

current elliott roller jeans colorful jeans in a slouchy shape!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

more thoughts on uniforms

from more & co's blog, photo by mav (?)

i saw this photo on more & co's inspiring blog and wondered how many of us wear a similar type of uniform. oversized button-down shirt, skinny jeans, and a messy bun. even though i'm at my office every day, i don't have to dress up unless i'm teaching. i've been struggling to find button-down shirts that cover the belly but aren't too huge in the sleeves, but after seeing this photo, maybe loose all over isn't necessarily a bad thing. i guess it helps to roll up the sleeves.

for those of you who wear oversized button-downs, do you buy men's shirts? or are there specific brands or styles for women that offer the right combination of slouch and flattering details?  i suspect i'm over thinking something that is really quite simple, but finding the perfect fit isn't always easy with basic pieces.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

birthday wish list

UZI disko kimono top. because i'm only going to get bigger in the next 3 months.

Kaico Enamel Milk Pan at Anaise.  for hot chocolate

etoile isabel marant qimi shirtdress. for later when i don't have time to fuss with my outfits.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

apc forest green crochet sweater

today is a black and forest green kind of day. rain and fog with snow in the forecast for tomorrow. i wish i had this sweater in my closet.

marked down to $105 at arrow & arrow in a medium and large.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

denim on denim

i love arrow & arrow's blog. the styling is always makes me want to move back west. and i think i need a pair of boots like these mark mcnairy's.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

dressing for warmth

leon insists on being in all of my photos. he also insists on holding my hand.

as you can see, i've been wearing pretty much my regular clothing aside from my new jbrand mama j jeans and a primoeza cardigan. i'm one of those people who can't stand belly panels, so the jbrands work perfectly for me. i ordered them online, but i highly recommend trying them on because i think i probably could have gone down one size. i usually wear long underwear if it's colder than 30F, but the waistband isn't very comfortable for long periods of time.

one of the things i struggle with is footwear because my feet went up half a size after the first pregnancy--and never went back. i can still wear most of my shoes with thin socks because i always buy shoes that are too big for me. however, my No. 6 buckle ankle boots are the only things that comfortably fit with heavier wool socks, but as i get wobblier, they'll probably have to be replaced. thankfully there hasn't been much snow or ice, so far! if i weren't pregnant--or if i could be guaranteed an ice-free winter--i would order these No. 6 shearling lined lace-up boots in an instant.

Friday, January 06, 2012

maternity friendly coat

even at $718 i don't think i can justify this pringle of scotland swing coat at la garconne (20% off sale items until saturday, "GARCONNE20").

after a lot of thought, i think that a roomy knee-length swing coat that can accommodate a lightweight down coat (i have a fiona from patagonia) would be my best bet. i own two swing coats--one was butchered by a tailor in harvard square, the other is a short-sleeve opening ceremony flare coat better suited to temps above 40F. if i had the energy and time, i could probably find something just as serviceable at the many used clothing shops in toronto.

i think the narrow shoulders and tailored yet roomy fit are what draw me to this particular coat. for now, i'm wearing a barbour bedale sans lining with my alpaca primoeza cardigan, j brand mama j denim, and a virginia johnson shawl draped over my belly because the jacket doesn't button all the way. when it gets below 0F, i have to wear an old ginormous parka that makes me feel heavy and sad.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

a new semester

a few things on sale at frances may....
mociun leggings in my favorite print
beautiful brown shade of acne pistol boots

and i wish there were a womens' version of this pendleton ranch coat

looking forward to the totokaelo end of season sale that starts on saturday. i just submitted grades for the fall semester and have 10 days before class starts up again. i finally joined a gym because outdoor winter jogging just isn't happening this year. am i crazy for wanting the sisii fishtail parka? it's much much colder than i imagined it would be in toronto. i don't mind snow and slush, but -15F windchill on tuesday had me ready to book a flight home to california. i have a very warm maternity friendly parka, but it is so heavy and difficult to move in.

speaking of which, once i find my camera cord, i'm going to do a couple of posts on the challenges of maternity dressing when it's colder than 20F during the final trimester. it's not for the faint of heart!