Thursday, July 30, 2009

laws of general economy update

so it's been awhile since i've looked at the general economy. busy with writing, leon, etc., but if you're in the mood to shop someone's closet, there are quite a few wonderful finds:

steven alan plaid breaker dress, xs

costume national combat boots, 5.5-6
acne purple blackout dress, 34
nwt grey ant black shirt dress, 0
apc liquette dress, xs
vanessa bruno athe, coral pintucked top, size 1
cass guy summer dress, p
frye paige buckle boots, 7.5
hope black magna thin tee, medium (6-8)
makie black shirt dress, 2 (m-l)

new jeans

i tried on a pair of current elliott boyfriend jeans this week and loved how they fit. i wasn't a huge fan of the ready-made holes, though. maybe this is because i usually wear raw or non-distressed denim. anyway, stephanie found these for me at need supply. with a 25% discount on sale items (HECKYEAH, via stylebite), they were only $120. there are only 26s left. i'm usually a 27 or 28. i tried on a 27 at barneys, so the 26s will fit a little tighter, but still baggy and loose.

i also adore how humanoid's fall 09 collection looks like you could comfortably nap in everything. the muted tones, greys and earthy browns and greens, with mustard and plum providing lovely pops of color. i'm ready for fall after this sticky mess of a summer!

last days of july

so the inlaws came and went. we visited many state parks. i wore my shabby summer outfit: really old and baggy cut-offs and button down short sleeved tops (Tina shirt from Steven Alan). saltwaters, incidentally, are great for clambering on rocks.

leon's hair is going crazy thanks to the humidity. i like his duckie pompadour.

i won a mix cd from jennifer of ermie. this is probably the best thing that could happen to me right now. i used to listen to music and go to concerts, but not so much in the past couple of years. it's nice to see a few old favorites along with new-to-me bands.

i'm also in love with this print. i can't wait to see what else jennifer is making for her fall collection.

park vogel is having a huge sale. thanks to a tip from nanashi, i ordered two pairs of the long leggings ($17.50 each) and have worn them nearly every day.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

a mini break

1. i'm in a rut. hence the leon photos.
2. my in-laws are visiting for a week.
3. i've been stalling on finishing a chapter for the past 2 months.
4. august = fall season deliveries. i'm holding my breath.

a few parting thoughts:

as Kristien reminded me, the sale at Toast has quite a few amazing deals including oxfords for 44 pounds.

that said, of course i'm drawn to the non-sale items, including these churidar pants. i think the cotton voile would keep me quite cool for the next few months. if only i didn't balk at overseas shipping costs...

i hope the rest of your july is filled with fizzy cold drinks and loafing.

Friday, July 17, 2009

summer, finally. what to wear?

as a native southern californian, i'm used to dressing for high temperatures. however, humidity is another matter. even after a month in Vietnam, another month in Houston (in july), and 6 years in Cambridge, i still haven't found my foolproof summer outfit. right now i've been wearing two layers on top, but maybe it's time to invest in a few nursing camisoles that aren't too awkward looking. i have an old Clu skirt with an elastic waist that's comfortable, but i wish i had a short, flippy linen skirt with a similar waist. i hate constricting clothing when it's hot and sticky, but my wardrobe is falling short of my needs.

what are your standbys for humid summer days? wouldn't it be nice to be Leon right now?

shoe disappointments

i think it's safe to say i resent my feet. these rachel comey derringers would be comfortable if they were a tiny bit longer, and just a bit wider. i ordered them in an 8.5, and i'm not sure the 9s would be wide enough. i sent them back yesterday. it's such a shame, they were only $120! (code 'tulip'). free shipping on returns, even. what's not to love about forward by revolve?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

lina rennell dress on sale at beklina

originally $295, now $180 plus free shipping.

if i had this dress, i would hang it on the wall and stare at the print instead of wearing it. i am holding out for the fall/winter version of lina rennell's shift dress, though. such a pretty shape, and think of all the different kinds of belts you could wear with it!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

hoping for oxfords, for the umpteenth time

i need to get a few ducks in a row, but i'm hoping to order either the rachel comey derringers ($186) or the rag and bone suede oxfords ($190) in the next few days. i've heard back from a few people about the rachel comey shoes, and apparently they're comfortable and fit true to size. the rag and bones are running large. i know suede can be harder to take care of, but don't they look so soft and slipper-like? plus, they'd look great with my new mociun dress.

and a few sizes left of the derringer in sand at stand up comedy for $160

Thursday, July 02, 2009

mociun issaran on sale

quick, someone buy this! it's an amazing deal ($155), and if you're a size 8, the large will probably fit just fine. mine is a medium.

anica boutique has a small and a medium for $216.

edited 8.21.09: a small and a medium are on sale at sotto boutique for $160