Wednesday, March 31, 2010

plain oxfords

lately i've been drawn to minimalist oxfords like these. does anyone have the dieppa restrepo? i'd love to know if the leather is stiff at the ankles (my main problem), or if they run narrow.

1. dieppa restrepo cali, $248 at totokaelo
2. zeha berlin slim ghost, $495 CAD at lark
3. common projects lace up boot, $472 ($401 until 4/1) at creatures of comfort

steven alan sullivan dress on sale

photo from frances may

i was at the tannery (the new one, not the downstairs one) in harvard square, and they have the sullivan dress on sale for 50% off (originally $236). i saw a P, S, and M. i recommend sizing up on this. i tried it on at stel's, and it's tight in the chest and short. i was fine with the length in the S, but the buttons were pulling at the chest (and i'm just an A cup).

i also tried on the topsiders, and the shop guy told me they have to fit snug. my heel was slipping out of the 8.5s, and they were out of the 8s, but he said that should be my size. i'm normally an 8.5 or 9, so i'm feeling nervous about buying something that ends up being too snug. it seems like it runs true to size, but do you feel like it's best to wear them tight like slippers (sockless)? i didn't mind the color they had, either, although i still like the lighter color at jcrew best.

Friday, March 26, 2010

boat shoes

in the craze of packing, i have somehow misplaced nearly all of my slip-on spring shoes and sandals. i was going to buy a pair of sperry top siders at the tannery, but this lighter hue (only available at jcrew) beckons. any thoughts on sizing (esp. width)?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

apc madras for spring 2010

considering my track record with apc madras (i've never kept a piece for longer than a season), i should probably not look at the new collection. but it's 70 degrees today (!!!), and the bright prints make me happy. plus, i really do need a new floppy sunhat.

moving out

we have less than two weeks to get the condo ready for listing. i will be adding a few more things on LoGE in preparation for a move in june (if all goes well). we're going to rent a smaller place, so there won't be room for all of my clothing and shoes--don't get me started on our books. downsizing will be tough, but i think we'll benefit in the long run. leon, of course, loves playing with the boxes.

leon's birthday

last weekend we had leon's birthday party in spite of the gloomy rain. party favors included cards by simplesong and postal press. there were crayons for the littles. i made a sour cream banana cake, which i forgot to photograph. it was so yummy and moist, even without the rum.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

two pieces by etoile isabel marant s/s 10

zita striped sweater in black and white. made of the softest cotton in a loose knit, cropped length and keyhole neckline. i've learned one can never have too many striped tops. from stuart and wright.
also available in various colorways at:
creatures of comfort

urias silk top in a star print. i bought this a month ago at alan bilzerian. i considered returning it, but they have a 5 day store credit only policy that i didn't know about until it was too late. every time i put this top on, i can't bring myself to wear it. i have visions of ketchup or worse ruining it. living with a toddler is a major hazard to my wardrobe. will probably end up selling it on LoGE since i envision the next 5-8 years of my life either pregnant, nursing, or chasing after toddlers.

Friday, March 12, 2010

rachel comey sidewinder mocs

i can't decide if i want these or not. knowing my history with rachel comey shoes, they probably wouldn't be the most comfortable pair for me. but i just can't stop myself from looking!

at frances may, $295

Thursday, March 11, 2010

what i wore in the 90s.

chelsea's posts about 90's fashion, including lace-up boots, made me nostalgic for my old dr. martens. while home, i went through my old clothes. the docs were nowhere to be found, but i did try on a few things from elementary and high school.

st. joseph's school uniform skirt, c.1993-94 (a K-8 school). i usually wore this with knee-high white socks and a white polo shirt. navy hoody in the winter. we hemmed the skirts as short as possible, of course.

i shopped at the gap, banana republic, nordstrom, and goodwill for most of the 90s. this skirt is from banana republic. it was too small even back then. i'm shocked i was able to button it. c.1994

an utterly nondescript olive shift dress from benneton. even classic clothing is often 'dated' by slight changes, but this dress has held up pretty well. c. 1996

my favorite dress. the silk is just as soft and luxurious now as it was 13 years ago. it reminded me of mid 90's prada and was a catalyst for my obsession with 50s dresses. from banana republic, c. 1997

one of my mom's many dresses from the 70s, which i wore throughout high school. many were custom-made in korea and have such fantastic prints.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


we're back and pleasantly surprised by how spring-like it is here in cambridge. still jet-lagged and exhausted. the number of posts on my reader makes me want to stick my head in the sand.

coveting rachel comey shoes and jackets
looking forward to the day when i no longer need to carry diapers, sippy cups, etc., and instead use a small bag like this tannis hegan creation.

by the way, the tannery in harvard square has black repetto zizis on sale for $120. the largest size is 39, alas for me.

wishing i could be at the sale this weekend.