Thursday, August 23, 2007

needs v. wants

that's it.

i'm going to nyc this weekend. i'll be hitting the usual suspects: lyell, mayle, maria cornejo, opening ceremony, steven alan, and a.p.c. i also want to check out hannah clark's studio.

i'm not sure i'll be there for longer than a day (chinatown bus), so time will be limited. as usual, i'm sacrificing art museums for window shopping. if only my adviser could see me, he would have a cantankerous fit.

i'd also like to check out more design-y shops (stationary, objects, toys, jewelry, etc), but i don't know where to start. plus, i feel like there are so many things i've yet to see in brooklyn, but i'm not very familiar with the area. i hope i don't spend too much money, but i'm in a major rut. i need to be in nyc, and spending money seems to come with the territory.

tunic purchased in ho chi minh city--$15 (outrageously expensive!)
ubiquitous jcrew white corduroy shorts (i'm starting to bore myself)


Anonymous said...

for Brooklyn design-y shopping, Grace at designsponge made a good guide:

have fun!

Anonymous said...

You should also check out I Heart on Mott street - they carry alot of Rachel Comey.

erica said...

i hope i can make it out to brooklyn. it always seems so far away!
i definitely need to go to I Heart. i'm loving the dark purples in her fall collection. thanks for the suggestions!