Sunday, July 24, 2011

moving to toronto,,,and on to other things

the past eight weeks were an ordeal, to put it nicely. we were lucky enough to hang out with julia one last time. i couldn't leave boston without a few photos of leon on the public garden ducks, and one final stop at stels was also in order.

our new place is still a mess. this is the first time i've moved with so much stuff. it used to be a few suitcases of clothing and a box of books. instead of selling our books or putting them in storage, we decided to bring all 50 boxes of books. eek!!

so, i don't think i can really talk about toronto right now because much of my perception of the city is clouded by our (on-going) terrible experience with our new apartment. i'm hoping that we'll eventually get to know this city better, but right now my life is triangulated by the laundromat and the playground (and furtively looking for a different place to live). we're off to CA for 3 weeks starting in august, which brings me to my current dilemma.

my dearest childhood friend is getting married on september 4, and i have no idea what i'm supposed to wear. it's right along the Pacific Ocean in a secluded garden and library, so i'm thinking slightly formal. the last reception i went to, i wore my white Steven Alan overalls, so clearly i'm clueless about weddings!

maybe this is a contender?

goodness, it's been so long since i've blogged or done anything non-moving related, my SVPPLY clipper has disappeared from my bookmarks.


joyce said...

oh no! moving is always a huge pain, but usually you do it to move into a better space. I'm so sorry to hear the new apartment isn't working out.

on the bright side, i think that dress is perfect for a wedding.

ss. said...

the dress is gorgeous! where is it from?

erica said...

part of the problem was not seeing the apartment beforehand, but really, it's a landlord issue. the place would be fine with a little elbow grease, and the location is fantastic.

ss--it's mina stone's hera dress. i've seen it at a lot of places on sale including anaise.

jennifer said...

My move to the east coast several years ago was the first "big" move I had made in my adult life. It was horrible. So I totally empathize with what you're going through. I sure hope you're able to find a better apartment soon!

I also think the dress would be perfect. It's so beautiful. I just got back from a "black tie optional" wedding last night. I wish that it would have been a more casual event so that I could have had an excuse to buy that Mina Stone dress for myself. :)

Moya said...

Sorry to hear about the landlord/apt. situation. Moving is horrible at the best of times, especially when you feel you've moved down to a lesser place.

The dress is lovely but only buy it if you think you will be able to wear it again. Welcome back!

tm said...

that dress is lovely, and would be appropriate. would you go with strappy sandals, or maybe some simple flats?

sorry to hear about the moving/landlord problems, hope it gets sorted out without too much hassle.

Lisa said...

I've spent a lot of time in Toronto, as a lot of the friends I grew up with (in Ottawa) moved there after High School. It's a fabulous city, and once you've found a new place to live (so sorry to hear that your current new place is so horrible! what a nightmare!), you'll be able to enjoy it. If you want to relax, take the ferry to the island and walk along the sea wall. Works every time.

erica said...

strappy sandals would probably be best since the wedding will be outdoors and early september is still summery in southern california.

moya--not sure if i would wear the dress again, so that's what's keeping me from pulling the trigger.

thanks for all the commiseration about the awfulness of moving. i need to find someone to take over our lease, otherwise we lose our deposit. grr.

Mona said...

Highly recommend the APC eyelet dress in black for a steal at $99 at Urban outfitters online

Catherine said...

How I love the way you write. Sorry about the moving hassles but they'll pass. As much as I think I like change, I think it fragments me.

I hope Leon is holding up and enjoying his new adventure! The dress is lovely, you always make such great choices.

Jenny said...

Sorry to hear about your apartment problems! Toronto's a fantastic city. I moved away for grad school a couple years ago, and I miss it all the time. I hope your apartment stuff is sorted out soon so you can get out and explore! Start with Kensington Market and Trinity Bellwoods Park. Then stop into Jaiden's Petals on Ossington and say hello to the lovely, lovely owner, Dani.

Anna of The Analog House said...

I lived in Toronto last year and miss it terribly. It's a great city, but it does take some growing into. Great neighborhoods include Queen Park West, Parkdale, Leslieville (the original locale for the Kids in the Hall), and ditto on Kensington Market and Ossington. I lived in the Beach, which is also very nice, but a little quieter in terms of the hip and cool artsy vibe of the city.
I'm very jealous of your move! I moved out West a year ago and have had a really hard go of it, being from back East all my life.

Modern Toronto said...

I stumbled upon your blog today and as a promoter of all things Toronto I'd like to wish you the best on your move to the city I call home.

To make your transition to Toronto that much easier I would suggest checking out BlogTO for daily news and events and Modern Toronto for art, galleries, architecture and design from Toronto residents.

Good luck!

kebubbler said...
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Mona said...

this dress is now sale on the Steven Alan site