Friday, October 19, 2012

the hat

BillyKirk women's wide brim hat

as a general rule, i would not buy a hat without trying it on. but this BillyKirk one at Bow+Arrow is pretty much what i'm looking for. the price is just about right, too.


Jade said...

i, dare i say..."HEART" arrow + arrow! lauren must have a customer service gene or something. she made sure my cobra rock boot buying experience was pretty much perfect--covering expedited shipping to me and whatnot. so even if the hat turns out to be a less than perfect fit, she'll hook you up. it's a cool hat.

wmbg. said...

i love it.

i wish i had a standard sized head but alas, i do not, and most hats don't fit on me. i'd want this to be somewhat loosely fit... and i doubt that would be the case. blahhh.