Monday, November 19, 2012


I'll take one of each. Howlin' by Morrison Babs Pullover.

not too long ago stephanie clued me in on the amazingness that is Mill Mercantile. i've been thinking about the rich saturated hues of Howlin' by Morrison's lambswool sweaters after feeling defeated by a few recent forays to Zara and J.Crew. why do people think it's ok to pay $80-150 for a sweater comprised mainly of synthetic fibers? maybe i'm getting cranky, but that seems like a lot of money for acrylic and nylon.

anyway, the other day i saw 'skyfall,' and was struck by the vividness of the wool sweaters worn by Bond and Kincade, his groundskeeper. the contrast with the muted greys and browns of the landscape was gorgeous.


miss sophie said...

i am icked out by acrylic and nylon masquerading as knitwear as well.

loved Skyfall! the cinematography and style in the entire film was beautifully done - resets the bar again for a really really good Bond film.

Nomadic D. said...

Can't wait to see skyfall! On another note, those sweaters look positively perfect! I usually head to the men's department of H&M for my boxy sweater fix:

but it is true that there's usually a synthetic fiber blended in there. Though at least the prices are low enough to reflect that!

erica said...

Skyfall is beautiful--I was especially blown away by the Shanghai scene.

Nomadic D., Definitely if it's less than $50, I'm more willing to accept the synthetic fiber count!

Nomadic D. said...

Check it out, I'd be curious to hear if you end up finding anything. Prepare to try them all on though, each on fits slightly differently and since they're cut for men it takes a bit of patience to find the best cut for you.

julia said...

i can't wait to see skyfall. hopefully we'll be going tomorrow!

all the things at mill look really great. it's nice to see a new shop pop up.

jody baharizki said...

awesome :D visit

kebubbler said...

thanks for showing these sweaters--are you sure they're lambswool--they look more like shetland. They stopped making sweaters like this--a preppy staple--at places like J.Crew about 10 years ago. So comfortable, warm and sturdy. I've been stalking them on Ebay in men's. Now, if only Mill Mercantile can show the prices and allows online ordering.