Wednesday, December 27, 2006

christmas present

Virginia Johnson camel-print pashmina shawl in brown. This thing is huge, works equally well as scarf or wrap. I saw this at Barneys a few months ago in a bright orange print. Then a week later, I saw this skinny undergrad waiting for the elevator in my department's building. She was wearing a slouchy tunic, black leggings, ballet flats, and the exact same Barneys' shawl, which seemed to envelope her tiny frame. Later, I saw a pale lavender-grey version on a girl featured in The Sartorialist. I must say, it doesn't quite produce the Nicole Richie effect on me, though.

I think Virginia Johnson's prints are amazing. I always see her dresses at Barneys but they're never in my size by the time they've been marked down to $90. Check out her website Click on "Wholesale" and you can look at a pdf of her Fall 2006 and Spring 2007 collections.

Another really lovely website is Even if you don't have small children or know anyone with kids, there are so many lovely things to covet:

John Robshaw midnight flower crib quilt, $125

Or, you can buy his kurtas ($90), which are appropriate even if you aren't in search of maternity wear. Although, I firmly believe that one should spend one's money buying clothing that probably would work while one is pregnant. Even if you don't have children, at least you'll be comfortable wolfing down that In'n'Out burger and chocolate shake.

Beautiful hand-printed pillows, $55 each, for the crib, of course, but would look lovely piled up on one's bed.

Or if all that holiday excess has left you digging around for some cash, these handy wooden bird whistles are only $6 each.

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