Sunday, December 03, 2006

two outfits, nothing flashy

utterly bored with myself.
it's been almost 3 weeks since i bought any clothing. i'm bored with everything i own, the days are cold and short, i've now sold 5 things on eBay: that weird Marni top, my Victor and Rolf for H&M black trenchcoat, my Vena Cava Fall 2005 jacket, and a green tweed sleeveless Built By Wendy jacket/vest. sadly, i didn't make much money on them, in fact, didn't come close to breaking even. yet another lesson why i really cannot buy any new things for a long while.

Dace brown v-neck tunic/top with tulip sleeves--$79 on sale from Impulse, bought 2 years ago
Hanii Y cardigan with neat rosette buttons--$340 (?) from Impulse, 1 year ago
Habitual denim--$185 from Impulse, 10 months ago, i think.
Tissot watch--$200 from Little Saigon, Westminster (we bargained them down from $250)

jcrew Clu-wannabe camisole--$20
marc by marc jacobs lavender blouse--$59 from Saks outlet at Wrentham
jcrew navy cashmere cardigan (already pilling like crazy!)--$79 on sale
Habitual denim, grey wash--$185 from Impulse, last June
Mikimoto pink-tone pearl necklace with diamond-encrusted yellow gold ball--$3,500, wedding gift from dad

Total--too lazy to find a calculator.

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