Saturday, February 23, 2008

lyell spring 2008


Moya said...

I clicked onto this as it was loading this morning and was a little disappointed, although I do like the black and white dress. It is beautifully styled but I feel the pieces are a little blah and/or unwearable (like the lingerie). I'm also concerned about fit--she tends to favor very short tops and I suspect the dress I like may fit oddly, like its holiday counterpart (big in the front, tight in the back and arms). The pictures of fall are worse but suggest some of the same problems--the models even look dowdy. That said, there are some items I'll definitely try to get. But there isn't the wow factor of a season or two ago where I wanted (and bought) everything.

erica said...

i agree that everything is beautifully styled but the fit can be a little tricky. the fall 2008 runway photos were really disappointing. many of the skirts did not fit the models at all, and i remember her pencil skirts fitting like a glove!
i haven't tried on anything since the spring 2007 collection, but everything seemed to fit me well then.
if i ever make it to nyc, i will certainly visit her shop and see how her pieces are faring.

d.goligorsky said...

The photography is bril'.

erica-knits said...

wow I think it looks fantastic. I like the styling and the model choice much better than the Fall 07 collection. Especially in the first photo with the springy yellow top. Thanks for sharing!

Joanna Goddard said...

very pretty, but most of all i like the wallpaper in the top photo!

Dianna said...

great photos and styling. i especially like the soft yellow in the first one, the blouse in the 2nd and the coat in the 4th. i have a vintage coat that was my mother's & it looks almost exactly like this.

/// said...

You have such a LOVELY blog!!! :)

broadcast poulet said...

great images!:) love your blog!

The Spicers said...

Their styling appeals to me every time, but I've never actually purchased anything.

jenny gordy said...

oh, lovely lyell....sigh. wish i lived in ny so i could pop into the store.

Anonymous said...